June 23 Race Recap

Even with the threat rain in the area, fans, drivers, crew and staff rolled into County Line Raceway with all intentions of seeing some great racing. With all 5 regular classes on tap and double points up for grabs, it was sure to be a great night! The stars of the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4’s, P.L. Woodard PSV8, Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning, ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4’s and the Barnes Equipment Late Models were ready to put on a show for the fans.

Our first feature event, the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4’s rolled onto the track with the J2 of James Manning and the 90 of John Proctor on the front row. Proctor would take the lead quickly, while Dustin O’Neal would move up for the 2nd place position. Brad Hamm challenged O’Neal and contact was made. After a quick caution, we were back green with Hamm charging hard at Proctor, battling for the lead. The two would get together out of turn 1, causing the J2 of Manning to spin to avoid contact. With the 49 and 90 relegated the rear of the field, J2 took the point, leading the field to the green. Justin Baier followed in 2nd, Bill Winstead 3rd, Glenn Bottoms 4th and Dakota Whitley. Baier would challenge Manning for the lead, taking it briefly before losing it to Manning. Manning would bring Winstead up into the 2nd spot as Baier continued to lose positions, eventually bringing out the caution as he slowed in turn 3 after throwing a rocker arm. Back green with Manning leading Winstead, John Proctor & Brad Hamm, both of whom had made their way back into the top 5 after an early caution and Glenn Bottoms. Coming under the flag stand for his first win of 2012, James Manning would take home the win. Manning was followed by Bill Winstead, John Proctor, Brad Hamm and Glenn Bottoms.

Up next, the P.L. Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Spencer Whitley & David Beaman on the front row. Whitley would jump out to the lead with Beaman following close behind. Back in the field, David Haggans would mount a challenge on 2nd place Beaman, allowing Whitley to pad his lead. The caution would come out for a spin involving several cars, but fortunately they were all able to continue. Back green with Whitley, Beaman, Haggans, Phillip Lamm and Jerry Williams racing hard for position as the laps continued to wind down. The caution would come out as the L4 of Amanda Liles spun in turn 4. Back green but quickly back under cautions when the 83 of Tony Harrell and the 8 of Greg Barnett get together in 2. Back green with Whitley still out front as the 97 of Lamm continued to fight the 22 of David Beaman for 2nd spot. Jason Schlafer would get out of shape, losing several spots coming up on lap 13, then a mess would slow the field with yet another caution. The 97 of Lamm and A1 of Whitley would get together causing Whitley to spin in turn 2. Back green with 2 to go, and Jerry Williams in the lead. Williams would lead the final 2 laps of this 15 lap feature bringing home the win. He was followed by Paul Peele, Greg Barnett, Bryce Pearson and Tony Harrell.

The Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning division powered onto the track with Lane Proctor and Mark Boykin bringing the field to green. Boykin would quickly take over the top spot only to be slowed by a caution. Back green, but quickly back under caution when the 01 of Nick Etheridge slowed in turn 4. Green in the air, Boykin leading Ricky Dickens, James Meredith, Lane Proctor and Luke Owens. Owens would get around Proctor  and Meredith, taking over 3rd and challenging for 2nd. Dickens would get out of shape on the backstretch causing Owens to get into him. As the caution waved, the leader would pit for some quick attention from his pit crew. Back green with Owens out front followed by David Upchurch, Michael Batten, Michael Lamm and Skeeter Liles. Batten peeks under Upchurch for 2nd spot but cant’ make the pass. After a lap or so, Batten makes his way to 2nd spot and begins work on the leader Owens. Side by side on the backstretch before getting around Owens, Batten to the lead. Owens would spin out of 4 bringing out the caution on lap 10, but we were back the under green flag with Batten out front. Coming to the signal for 2 to go, the 44 of Scott Baines would get seriously out of shape in turn 2, bringing out the caution. Mark Boykin & Luke Owens would get caught up in the melee. Back green, Batten still out front. McDaniels, Owens, Proctor and Meredith battled it out for position as the white flag waved. Michael Batten would sail around the track one final time to bring home the win. The official top 5: Batten, McDaniels, Meredith, Wade Ferrell and Lane Proctor.

Up next, the ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4 drivers were ready for their 15 lap feature. With Thomas Holbrooke & Michael Webb on the front, they would lead this 18 car field to the green flag. Holbrooke would maintain the top spot for several laps until Webb took the lead. Brent Atkinson came with him relegating Holbrooke to 3rd. Lap 5 would see the 2nd place Atkinson slow in 3, bringing out the caution. Back green, Webb in front of Brian Andrews, Cody Keith, Thomas Holbrooke & JP Brantley. Webb tried to get away from Andrews, putting at least 2 car lengths between the 2 cars, as Andrews fought off a hard challenge by Keith. JP Brantley in the 5th spot tried to hold off Tyler Hobgood for that spot, with the 2 putting on quite a show as the laps wound down. Michael Webb would bring home the win after some side by side action with Andrews. Your final top 5, Michael Webb, Brian Andrews, Cody Keith, Thomas Holbrooke and Tyler Hobgood who passed JP Brantley as the came out of the final turn.

Our final event of the night, the Barnes Equipment Late Model division, would see 2 powerhouse drivers on the front row. Russell Erwin & Dustin Mitchell would bring this stout field of drivers to the green flag, with Erwin coming out with the lead out of turn 2. Erwin would pop the backstretch wall a couple of laps in giving the D8 of Mitchell the opportunity to gain some ground, but Erwin would regroup and keep going. Lap 4 would see the caution for Trevor Peoples, who slowed in turn 4, but we would be back under green quickly. Mitchell would challenge Erwin off the bat for the lead, but couldn’t make it and would fall back into 2nd spot. Britches Liles would be on the bumper of Neal Sykes, trying to take that 5th spot away, as Cy Nelms challenged Mitchell for the 2nd spot. During that battle, Travis Hair would be buried underneath the 37 of Nelms, trying to get around him for the 3rd spot. The caution would come out again for a 2 car spin in turn 1 while the leaders were on the front straightaway. Fortunately, everyone backed off and made it through without adding to the caution. Back green with 119 complete and Erwin continued to lead Mitchell, Nelms, Hair, Sykes. Liles would continue to attempt to get around Sykes, almost losing it on the backstretch, but luckily regaining control as he slid back into 6th spot. Caution for a spin would slow the field again, but after quick work by track staff, we were green. Erwin would power down the straightaway, as Mitchell gained some ground in the corners. Still single file with Erwin, Mitchell, Nelms, Hair & Sykes. Britches Liles would make contact with Sykes, while battling for 5th, bringing out the caution with 9 to go. Green flag in the air, Erwin leading the field. Mitchell still attempting to get around Erwin but could not do it. Russell Erwin would bring home his 4th win of the season followed by Dustin Mitchell, Cy Nelms, Travis Hair and Christian Joyner.

Be sure to join us Tuesday night for Red Clay Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilson when we’ll have the stars & cars out to meet with fans, take photos and answer questions. On the schedule ARCO Restoration PS4 drivers Michael Webb, Brian Andrews & Nashville Feed SS4 driver Brad Hamm of Hamm Racing, and PL Woodard PSV8 driver David Beaman. Come out for some great food, great conversation & meet the drivers that make County Line Raceway what it is!

Up next week, the ARDC Midgets make their return to County Line Raceway. These super fast midgets put on a great show with their side by side action and making their return to the 3/8 mile oval, it should be very interesting to see. For more information on these cars, check out their website. http://ardcmidgets.com/default.asp Also on the schedule the Nashville Feed Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8, Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning, Barnes Equipment Late Models. As always, if you have any questions, please call the track office at 252-985-1949 or check the official website at www.countylineracewaync.com/.

Thanks for your support & we’ll see you next weekend at The Line..

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