August 4 Race Recap

After several weeks of a very temperamental mother nature, fans, staff, crews & drivers were ready to get a little sideways at County Line Raceway Saturday night. With a packed schedule of racing, the anticipation was in the air. On tap, the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4, ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4, Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 & the Barnes Equipment Late Models. With the Pure Stock 4 & Pure Stock V8 divisions running their specials, it was sure to be an exciting night.

Out first, the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4 division with James Manning & John Proctor starting on the front row. Points leader John Proctor would take the lead from Manning as Brad Hamm slipped around to take the second spot. Willie Schwann would loop his ride around coming off of turn 4 ending up on the berm at the entrance of pit road. Back green with Proctor leading Hamm, Manning, Dustin O’Neal & Bill Winstead. Dakota Whitley would bring out the 2nd caution on lap 4 with a solo spin in turn 4. Green again with Proctor out front. Dustin O’Neal got around Manning to take over 3rd spot and was marching towards Hamm trying to get 2nd spot. O’Neal would get around Hamm while Bill Winstead worked his way around James Manning. Chris Moore would bring out the caution with a spin in 4. John Proctor brings the field to the green followed by Dustin O’Neal, Brad Hamm, Bill Winstead & James Manning. Brian Medlin would challenge manning for 5th spot as Dakota Whitley would bring out the caution as he got loose out of 4, and raced down the pit entrance before hitting the guard rail. He was able to exit the car under his own control & appeared fine. After track staff cleared the crash scene, we were back under the green flag with 11 laps complete. Proctor would fight off the challenge from Dustin O’Neal for the lead when the caution would come out again for a spin in the center of turns 3 & 4. Back green and O’Neal was charging hard for the lead. He & Proctor would get together in turn 4 with the points leader John Proctor getting the worse end of the deal as he was sent to the pits with extensive damage. O’Neal was sent to the rear, which would put Bill Winstead in the lead. Winstead was followed by Brian Medlin, James Manning, Brandon Roberson & Johnny Edwards. Medlin would challenge Winstead in the final few laps, finally getting around the 97 to take the lead in turn 3 coming to the checkers. This was Brian’s first win of 2012. Medlin was followed by Bill Winstead, James Manning, Dustin O’Neal, and James Bailey to round out the top 5.

The ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4 class rolled onto the track for their special with Brian Andrews & Michael Webb on the front row. The caution would come out three times very early for minor issues, but Webb wound continue to lead the field. He would be followed Eric Hobgood, Thomas Holbrooke, JP Brantley & Brent Atkinson. Hobgood would be all over Webb at the halfway mark but could not complete the pass as Webb held on. JP Brantley would put the move on Thomas Holbrooke for 3rd spot, taking that position away as Chris Collins challenged Brent Atkinson for 5th. Stephen Kennedy would bring out the caution with 5 to go that would slow the field. Back green for a few laps but the caution would slow the field again when Lee Hardie, in his new LBX Motorsports built racecar, would spin in turn 4. With 3 to go we were back green with Michael Webb leading Eric Hobgood, JP Brantley, Thomas Holbrooke & Brent Atkinson. The caution would fly for a scuffle in the rear of the field as Jamie Sills & Lee Hardie tangled caution Hardie to spin into the front stretch wall. After retrieving the 17 from the track & carrying it to the pits, we were back green. Webb lead the field the final 3 laps bringing home his 5th win of 2012. He was followed by Eric Hobgood, JP Brantley, Thomas Holbrooke & Brent Atkinson.

Our 3rd feature of the night, the Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning division would see Skeeter Liles & Michael Batten on the front row. Our third place started, Cy Nelms Jr, would bring out the caution as the field powered into turn 2, slowing this fast field on the start. Since no laps were completed, it was a complete start, with the field going back to the initial starting line up. Michael Batten would lead lap 1 followed by Skeeter Liles, Luke Owens, Nick Etheridge and Pat Ferrel . Mark Boykin would bring out the caution with a spin in turn 3, and after 1 lap of green flag racing, a 2 car spin on the backstretch would bring out the caution yet again. As the field came to the green, a pile up would occur in the back of the pack as some hit the gas to go while others did not. Finally back green with Batten out front of Liles, Owens, Etheridge & Johnnie Edmondson. A savage accident would put the field under the red flag as Pat Ferrell got extremely loose out of turn 4. Ferrell, Scott Baines & Michael Lamm would all suffer severe damage sending them all to the pits. After a length clean up, we were back green with Batten out front. Luke Owens would challenge Liles for 2nd spot and take the position from Liles on the front stretch. Another caution would slow this field but we were back green quickly. Batten, Owens, Liles Etheridge and Stevie Bryant were the top 5 with Batten & Owens putting distance on the rest of the field. Lane Proctor got around Nick Etheridge at the half way mark and began challenging Liles for 3rd spot. Completing the pass, Proctor would try to gain on the leaders as they were catching lap traffic on lap 14. Luke Owens was on a mission trying to catch the 21 of Batten as the laps wound down. As they came to the white flag, with lap traffic in front of them, Owens would attempt one more time to get around Batten to no avail. Michael Batten would bring home his 7th win of 2012. Luke Owens brought home 2nd followed by Lane Proctor, Johnny Edmondson and Skeeter Liles.

With a $50 bonus for the pole sitter, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division came out with Greg Barnett taking the bonus as he was the fastest qualifier. David Beaman would start on the outside, and as these 2 powerhouses brought the 24 car field to the green, fans were on their feet as they battled into turn 1. David Beaman was on the gas, ready to go as he powered by Barnett to take the lead. Green and Beaman still leading Barnett, Phillip Lamm, Jason Schlaffler and Jerry Williams. As we approached lap 4, Roy Hall would bring out the caution with a solo spin out of turn 4. Eddy Pollard threw the green flag, Beaman leads Barnett, Lamm Schlaffler and Williams as the rest of the field beats and bangs for position. A 3 car spin in turn 2 would bring out the caution on lap 7, as CJ Cascell, Roy Hall & Paul Peele tangled. Back green with Beaman fighting off a challenge by Greg Barnett as Phillip Lamm rode in 3rd waiting for a slip up. Leaders began catching lap traffic with 5 to go, making it treacherous to get around clean. Several other cautions would slow the field but nothing could slow David Beaman as he brought home his first win of the 2012 season. He was followed by Greg Barnett, Phillip Lamm, Jason Schlaffler and Tony Harrell.

Our final event of the night, the Barnes Equipment Late Model division, would see Cy Nelms, Sr & Roger Lucas on the front row. Powering down into turn 1 it would be Cy Nelms out front of Travis Hair, Roger Lucas, Christian Joyner & Daulton Wilson. Two cars would spin in turn 4 bringing out the caution on lap 4 bringing out the caution. Back green with Nelms still out front. A horrible crash on the backstretch would red flag this field as Justin Pinno, Randy Lucas & JP Cascell got together sending Pinno head first into the wall with all tires coming off the ground at impact. Luckily, Justin did not need medical attention and was pulled to the pits on the wrecker as Randy & JP went pitside as well. After a quick clean up, we were back green with Nelms leading Hair, Roger Lucas, Joyner & Wilson. Neal Sykes was in 6th spot trying to get into the top 5, as was Bobby Bottoms & Christian Thomas who were 7th and 8th respectively. Nelms looked as though he was shot out of a cannon as he took off, with Hair trying to gain ground in the corners. Sykes would overtake the 5th spot from Wilson as we approached lap 8. Sykes set his sites on Christian Joyner, gaining ground with each lap. As we got to the half way mark it was still Nelms, Hair, Lucas, Joyner & Sykes as they began lapping traffic. Sykes would lose the 5th spot as Bobby Bottoms took over that position.Travis Hair seemed to be closing in on Nelms as the laps wound down. The caution would come out on lap 22 as Daulton Wilson slowed on the backstretch. Back green with 8 to go. Nelms, Hair, Lucas, Joyner & Bottoms your top 5. Bottoms would take over the 4th spot from Christian Joyner as Nelms continued to lead with 4 to go. It would be all Nelms out front as he brought home his 2nd win of 2012. He was followed by Travis Hair, Roger Lucas, Bobby Bottoms & Christian Joyner.

Please be sure to join us at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilson on Tuesday night as we get together to enjoy great food, great conversation and look at some race cars. If you would like to have your car out at BWW, contact Steve Summerlin at Also, check us out on 98.5 the Big Dawg as Steve Summerlin & Steve Vail review tonight’s races and preview the events on tap for next week. As always, if you have any questions please check out our website or call the track at 252-985-1949.

Thanks so much for your continued support of County Line Raceway & we’ll ya’ll next week!!

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