August 25 Race Recap

With an overcast sky and a little bit of a cool breeze blowing, folks came out to County Line Raceway for an action packed night of racing. Tonight County Line Raceway celebrated the Wix Filters 100 nights of racing with a full schedule including the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8, DRU Incorporated Open Wheel Modifieds, ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4 and Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning divisions. The DRU Incorporated Open Wheel Modifieds would be running their monthly special for $1500 to win.

Our first feature event scheduled, the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4 cylinder division would see Kevin Pierce & John Proctor on the front row. Pierce would lead lap one by several car lengths over points leader John Proctor as Brad Hamm, Brian Medlin and Bill Winstead battled for position in the top 5. Further back, a 4 car battle for 8th spot would see Glenn Bottoms, Austin Holcombe Eric Hill and Dakota Whitley racing hard as a battle for the lead would see John Proctor get around Pierce right before the caution came out for a 4 car issue over in turn 4 involving Austin Holcombe, Dakota Whitley, Eric Hill and Brandon Roberson. After a quick clean up by track crew, we were back green with John Proctor leading the field. Brad Hamm rode close behind Proctor followed by Brian Medlin, Bill Winstead and Dustin O’Neal. Hamm would mount a challenge on Proctor as we came to lap 14 but couldn’t get around him. Bill Winstead would get around Medlin for 3rd spot just as the leader began catching lap traffic. James Manning would loop his car around coming out of turn 4 with 18 complete. Back green with Proctor out front followed by Brad Hamm, Bill Winstead, Brian Medlin and Dustin O’Neal. A 2 car spin would bring out the caution on the last lap involving Jamie Bailey and pole sitter Kevin Pierce that would slow the field briefly, but as we went back green, John Proctor would bring home his 5th win of the season followed by Brad Hamm, Bill Winstead, Brian Medlin & Dustin O’Neal.

Up next, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Jerry Williams and Tony Harrell. Tony Harrell would take the point quickly coming out of turn 1 and as they crossed the line to complete lap 1 it would be Harrell, Jerry Williams, Spencer Whitley, David Beaman and Jason Schlaffer. Lap 3 would see the caution come out for CJ Cascell with a spin in turn 4. Back green with Harrell still leading Williams, Whitley Schlaffer & Beaman. Another caution would wave for a 3 car scuffle in turn 2 involving Cary Fulghum, Phillip Lamm and Dwayne Whitley. Carly would suffer damage severe enough that she would be taken to the pits on the hook. Back green only to be slowed by 2 more quick cautions. Back green with 3 to go and Tony Harrell continues to lead Williams, Whitley Beaman and Schlaffer. Coming to take the checkers, Tony Harrell would bring home his first win of 2012. Rounding out the top 5 Jerry Williams, Spencer Whitley, Jason Schlaffer and Gary Whitley.

Our special event for tonight, the DRU Incorporated Open Wheel Modifieds, racing for $1500 to win. This 25 lap feature would see Kyle Strickler & Russell Erwin on the front row after an invert set the top 4. Coming out of turn 2, Kyle Strickler would get out front of Erwin to take command of the lead as Erwin fell back behind him. Shuffling throughout the field as these guys raced hard around the 3/8 mile track. Single file through the field but racing so hard when the caution came out on lap 6. After a lengthy caution period to correct the line up, we were back green. Will Ferguson would bring out the caution on lap 13 with a spin in turn 2. Back green and Erwin is all over Strickler, trying to get around him, closing in on him in the corners but getting away in the straights. As Strickler put a little distance between them, the caution would come out again for Greg Dellinger who spun in turn 4. Back green, Strickler, Erwin, Hoffman, Taylor Cook and Greg Brown in the top 5. Russell Erwin continued to try to get around Kyle Strickler as another caution came out for Gary Dillon who spun in turn 4. Green with 17 complete and Erwin still trying to get around Strickler. Nick Hoffman, Taylor Cook, and Greg Brown single file behind the leaders. Five to go and Erwin seemed to be setting Strickler up as they went into the corners but on lap 19 would spin in turn 2 as he made a hard charge to take the lead. After resetting the field, Strickler lead Hoffman, Cook, Greg Brown and Andy Floyd rounding out the top 5 as we came to 2 to go. Strickler seemed to be on cruise control as he took the checkers. Nick Hoffman, Taylor Cook, Greg Brown & Andy Floyd rounded out the top 5.

Next up, the ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4 division with Brian Andrews & Cody Keith on the front row. Michael Webb would jump into 2nd spot behind his teammate Brian Andrews as Cody Keith fell back into 3rd as they came across the line to complete lap 1. A spin in turn 2 would bring out the caution. Back green, Andrews, Webb, Keith, Brent Atkinson and Eric Hobgood rounding out the top 5. Webb would challenge Andrews for the lead as the caution flew again on lap 4 for David Haggans who slowed in turn 3. Back green only to be slowed by another caution. Jason “Lunchbox” Thompson brought out the caution with a spin in turn 2. Back green with Andrews bringing the field to green. Unfortunately, something happened, Andrews couldn’t go, Webb to the lead. Brent Atkinson, Eric Hobgood and Cody Keith would all get around him. He regained speed and was able to fall into the 5th spot. Smooth sailing for Michael Webb as be brought home his 6th win of the season. He was followed by Brent Atkinson, Eric Hobgood, Cody Keith and Brian Andrews.

Our final feature of the night, the Rapid Red Thunder & Lightning division would see two very tough competitors line up on the front row. Luke Owens & Michael Batten would bring this 18 car field to the green flag. Both of these guys were racing hard for that top spot and as they went down into turn 1, Michael Batten cut in front of Owens causing Owens to get into the rear of him and the cars behind them stacking up. Luckily, no one suffered enough damage to keep them out of the race. They were reset, with Mark McDaniels on the front row beside Michael Batten. Owens was taken to the pits, but quickly returned before losing a lap. McDaniels would lead for several laps before spinning on his own in turn 4, turning the lead over to Michael Batten. Michael would be slowed by several short cautions, but the man on the move was Luke Owens. After coming from the pits and restarting in the last position, he was up to 2nd place by lap 15. Under caution for a blown motor by McDaniels, who would take the checkers when they came to take the 5 to go mark? Green flag. Batten leading Owens, Proctor, Bryant and Edmondson. Bryant would fall off the pace a little allowing Mark Boykin to get around for 5th spot as we came to 1 to go. Michael Batten would bring home his 8th win followed by Luke Owens, Lane Proctor, Johnny Edmondson & Mark Boykin.

Be sure to listen in if you’re in the area to 98.5 the Big Dawg as Steve Summerlin & Steve Vail give a review of tonight’s event as well as a preview of the big schedule we have for next week. On Tuesday, join us at Buffalo Wild Wings and again on Wednesday at Oak Tavern as we gather to watch some racing on the big screens, enjoy some great food, company and conversation. Check out some racecars while you’re there, talk to the drivers, take some photo’s.

Folks, we have a HUGE night of racing planned for next week as we have the 2nd Annual Steel Block Nationals lined up! $4000 to win, 24 Barnes Equipment Late Models start. Who will bring home the win? Come join us as we also have the ARCO Restoration Pure Stock Four Cylinders, Nashville Feed Super Stock Four Cylinder & PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8.

Thanks for your support of County Line Raceway!!

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