September 22 Race Recap

A beautiful Carolina blue sky welcomed fans, staff, crew & drivers to County Line Raceway for an action packed night of racing. Scheduled for tonight, we have the PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 Special 20 laps – $400 to win event! Also scheduled to make their return, the DRU Inc Open Wheel Modifieds, ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4, Nashville Feed Super Stock 4 and the Barnes Equipment Late Models. As qualifying & heat races were completed, lineups ready & cars lined up, County Line Raceway was ready to go racing!

Up first, the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4 division with Brian Medlin & Eric Hill on the front row for this 20 lap feature. Medlin sot out to a one car length lead over Hill followed by Dustin O’Neal, Bill Winstead & Jeffery Patterson. O’Neal began closing distance on the 2nd place of Hill as Winstead closed in on him. Brian Medlin caught the tail end of the field on lap 7, as Dakota Whitley brought the caution out as he slowed in turn 3. As we came to the green it was Medlin leading Hill, O’Neal, Winstead & Jeffery Patterson. Patterson would lose 5th spot to points leader John Proctor as Medlin continued to put distance on the field. With 5 to go, Medlin would fall off the pace giving the lead to Eric Hill coming out of turn 3, then Hill would slow at the flag stand before exiting off the track! Total shake up in the top 5 as we reconfigured the line up and went back green. Dustin O’Neal would take over the top spot followed by Bill Winstead, John Proctor, Jeffery Patterson & Austin Holcombe. Winstead was all over the bumper of O’Neal as the caution flew again for a spin in turn 2. Under this caution, Dustin O’Neal would retire to the pits giving the lead to Bill Winstead! It appeared as though the top spot was unforgiving tonight. Coming to green, white, checkers, Winstead leads John Proctor Jeffery Patterson Austin Holcombe and Jessie Duke. Picking up feature win #4, Bill Winstead, followed by John Proctor, Jefferey Patterson, Austin Holcombe & Jessie Duke.

Out next, the ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4 division with Jeremy Benson & JP Brantley on the front row. Benson lead Brantley, Eric Hobgood, Cody Keith and Brandon Whitley. A couple of cautions would slow this 15 car field, but once we started making some green flag laps, these guys went to work. Brantley, trying to hold on to 2nd as Eric Hobgood tried his best to get around our leader Benson, but was unsuccessful. Hobgood would get around Brantley for 2nd as they came to the white flag, Benson tried in vain to hold off Hobgood but would lose the lead he held all 14 & 3/4 laps. Coming to the checkers it would be Eric Hobgood, Jeremy Benson, JP Brantley, Cody Keith & Thomas Holbrooke. Correction to ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4 top 5. After declining protest, Eric Hobgood would be disqualified. Jeremy Benson would be declared the winner followed by JP Brantley, Cody Keith, Thomas Holbrooke and Wesley Johnson.

Returning to County Line Raceway, DRU, Inc. Open Wheel Modifieds with Kyle Strickler on the pole & Russell Erwin on the outside. These 2 would drag race down the front straightaway but i would be Strickler out front of Erwin coming out of turn 2. Taylor Cook held onto 3rd spot followed by Danny Bohn & Greg Brown. Roger Lucas would bring out the caution on lap 6 as he slowed on the backstretch. Back green with Kyle Strickler leading Russell Erwin, Taylor Cook, Danny Bohn and Greg Brown. Another quick caution for Warren Lipford would slow the field, but as we went back green there was no change in the top 5. Caution free for the remainder of this race and as they came to the checkers it would be Kyle Strickler would bring home his 4th win of the season followed by Russell Erwin, Taylor Cook, Danny Bohn & Greg Brown.

Lined up & ready for their special 20 laps $400 to win event, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division! With Jerry Williams & Tony Harrell on the front row, it was certain to be an exciting 20 lapper. Harrell would take the lead out of turn 2 over Williams, Carly Fulghum, Gary Whitley & Greg Barnett. Coming up on lap 9, the leaders were catching lap traffic as the caution came out for a slow car on the backstretch. Back green with Harrell leading Williams, Fulghum, Barnett & Phillip Lamm.  Great racing through the field with no change in the top 5 coming to the 5 to go signal. Carly Fulghum got up beside Jerry Williams several times as she tried to take over that 2nd spot before falling back into her 3rd place. Coming to the checkers it would be Tony Harrell, Jerry Williams, Carly Fulghum, Greg Barnett & Phillip Lamm.

Our final feature of the night, the Barnes Equipment Late Models. Last weeks winner Travis Hair is your pole sitter with returning veteran late model driver Ray Tucker on the outside. Christian Joyner would bring out the first caution of the night on lap 1 in turn 2 resulting in a return trip to the pits via County Line Raceway’s wrecker service. Since no lap was completed, we would go back to a complete reset of the starting line up. Back green with Hair leading Tucker, Willie Milliken, Neal Sykes and Dustin Mitchell out if turn 1. A huge 6 car crash out of turn 2 involving JP Cascell, Bobby Bottoms, Roger Lucas, Britches Liles, Ethan Wilson and Trevor Peoples would bring out the caution. Back green with Hair leading Tucker, Milliken, Sykes & Mitchell. Willie Milliken would bring out the caution running third as he got into the turn 2 wall.  Back green with Hair still out front of Tucker, Sykes, Mitchell & Cy Nelms, Sr. As they crossed the stripe for the 7th time, the caution would come out for a solo spin in turn 4 by Ethan Wilson. Coming to the green it would be Hair leading Ray Tucker, Neal Sykes, Dustin Mitchell & Cy Nelms, Sr. After an extended caution when crew members continued to walk out on the track surface, which is against the rules, we were finally back under green. Hair leads Tucker, Sykes, Mitchell and Nelms, Sr. Hair was keeping a good 3 car length lead over Tucker as he continued to lap traffic. Two to go, Hair, Tucker, Sykes, Mitchell, Nelms, Sr the top 5. Green, white, checkers. Hair leading Tucker,  Sykes, Mitchell, Nelms, Sr. Bringing home his 2nd win in a row, Travis Hair! Ray Tucker, Neal Sykes, Dustin Mitchell & Cy Nelms, Sr.

County Line Raceway will be off next week, and no racing on the weekend of October 5th & 6th due to the Carolina Thunder 300 Truck & Tractor Pull. For the first time ever, these trucks & tractors are the most powerful motorsports on earth! Please join us for this momentous event! We’ll be showcasing the Super Stock Tractors, Super Farm Tractors, Heavy 4×4’s, Modified 2wd trucks, Multi Engine Modified Tractors, 2050 Mini Modified Tractors, Light 4×4 Trucks and Red Rock Monster Truck rides. If you need more information, please check out Show starts at 7:00 on Friday & 6:30 on Saturday, Admission is $15 for 13- up, 6-12 $5 & 5 & under are free. Come on out and enjoy some tractor pulling at the Line!

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