Michael Batten Victorious on his way to the Thunder & Lightning Championship

Absolutely gorgeous fall weather greeting fans and drivers, the pits and stands filled up with folks ready to see some good old fashioned dirt track racing! After 2 weeks off, everyone was more than ready to see the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4’s, ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4’s, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8, Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning and the Barnes Equipment Late Model division take to the 3/8 clay oval to sling some red dirt around.

Up first, the Nashville Feed Super Stock 4 division would line up for their 25 laps $800 to win special with points leader John Proctor on the pole. Brad Hamm, Kevin Pierce, Dustin O’Neal, and Nevin Twiddy would round out the top 5. As the green flag waved, all 24 cars barreled off into turn 1, but not all of them would make it out. An 11 car wreck would red flag this race and after a lengthy clean up 18 cars would line back up to attempt to start this race. John Proctor would lead the first lap followed by Brad Hamm and Kevin Pierce racing side by side for 2nd spot, Nevin Twiddy & Bill Winstead. Bill Winstead would get around Twiddy for 4th spot as Kevin Pierce tried repeatedly to get around Brad Hamm to no avail. Meanwhile out front, John Proctor cruised around the track as we completed 10 laps, seeking that 6th win of the season. Pierce got around Hamm for 2nd spot and tried to close the gap on Proctor. Just after half way the caution would come out for Eric Hill who slowed after hitting the backstretch wall. Back green very quickly with Proctor leading Pierce, Hamm, Winstead and Twiddy. A series of bizarre events would occur that would see both Hamm & Twiddy fall out of this event. Shake up in the top 5 as now it was Proctor holding off Pierce, Winstead, O’Neal and Jesse Duke. Two to go and Pierce was trying hard to get around Proctor to no avail. Coming to the checkers for his 6th win of the year & the $800 payday, John Proctor. Kevin Pierce would come home 2nd followed by Bill Winstead, Dustin O’Neal who was involved in the 11 car pile up on lap 1 and Jesse Duke.

Out next, the very exciting PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Jason Schlaffer on the pole and Jerry Williams starting 2nd. The green flag would see 19 of these pure stock V8’s powering down the front stretch with Jason Schlaffer taking the point out of turn 2. Jerry Williams would lose 2nd spot to Gary Whitley as Tony Harrell and Dwayne Whitley. A 2 car wreck over in turn 4 would slow this field as the caution was displayed on lap 6. Back green with Schlaffer leading G. Whitley, Williams, Harrell & D. Whitley. Gary Whitley would mount the challenge on Schlaffer for the lead only to be shut down as Jerry Williams got up to make it 3 wide coming out of turn 4. Another caution would slow this field as 3 cars got around on the backstretch. Gary Whitely would retire to the pits under this yellow flag with mechanical issues. Back green with Schlaffer leading Williams, Harrell, Lamm and Spencer Whitley your top 5. Caution out again for Carly Fulghum who suffered a flat tire after brief contact with another car. Back green with 11 complete, Schlaffer still leading, looking for that first win at County Line Raceway. Caution free for the remaining 4 laps would see Jason Schlaffer bringing home his firs win, not only of the season but at County Line Raceway! Congratulations Jason!  Jerry Williams, Tony Harrell, Phillip Lamm & Spencer Whitley rounded out the top 5.

Our third feature of the night, the Barnes Equipment Late Models would see Russell Erwin and John Staton on the front row of this 24 car field. With all this horsepower, all these drivers fighting tooth and nail for this $1200 payday, it was sure to be a stellar race! Green flag and it would be a drag race down the front stretch with Russell Erwin out front briefly before Shaun Harrell gets around for the lead. Erwin was followed by Ray Tucker, Cy Nelms Sr, Travis Hair. Absolute great racing all through the field. Quick caution for some lap traffic that was almost ugly, but we were back green with Harrell leading Erwin, Tucker, Nelms and Hair. Travis Hair would lose 5th spot to Dustin Mitchell about the same time that Ray Tucker would lose 3rd spot to Cy Nelms Sr. Coming up on 8 laps complete Shaun Harrell continued to hold off Russell Erwin, Cy Nelms Sr, Ray Tucker and Dustin Mitchell. Under caution for Carlton Toney, we would see Ray Tucker go to the pits with a right rear flat. Shaun Harrell leads Erwin, Nelms Sr, Mitchell & Hair. Under caution again for a spin in turn 2, and again we would see a top 5 car pit, as Dustin Mitchell went down pit road for his crew to attend to the rear of his pink & white Rocket machine. Back green with Harrell leading Erwin, Nelms Sr, Hair and John Saton. Staton was holding off Neal Sykes as 2 cars made contact on the backstretch. Damon Kotke would make contact with Timmy Blackwell. Blackwell was able to continue, as Kotke was towed to the pits. Back green with Harrell leading Erwin, Nelms Sr, Hair and Staton. Sykes continued to challenge Staton in the corners but could not get enough momentum to get around. Harrell continued to put distance between him and Erwin, maintaining at least a 3 car length lead. Lap traffic would slow Harrell enough for Erwin to gain a little ground and close some space between them. Leader in heavy traffic on lap 21 which would open the door for Erwin to mount a challenge for the lead. Caution for the D8 of Dustin Mitchell, would slow drastically. He would make his way to the pits, done for the night. Back green with Harrell holding off Erwin, Nelms Sr, Hair and Staton. Coming to 5 to go, Harrell putting a car length space between him Erwin. Caution again for a spin in turn 4, as Britches Liles looped his L2 around. Back green with Harrell leading and 4 laps to go. Russell Erwin challenging the leader Harrell hard but can’t make the pass. Travis Hair trying to get around Nelms Sr for 3rd spot as the white flag comes out. Coming to the checkers it was Shaun Harrell followed by Russell Erwin, Cy Nelms Sr, Travis Hair & John Staton.

Coming out next, the Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning division with Micheal Batten & Nicky Etheridge starting on the front row for this 20 lap feature. Michael Batten would take command of the top spot as the powered down the backstretch, as the top 4 shuffled for position. After a few quick cautions, the field spread out and some green laps were run. Michael Batten would lead Skeeter Liles, Luke Owens, David Upchurch and Nicky Etheridge. An 8 car wreck would red flag this race as Nicky Etheridge spun on his on on the back stretch collecting Mark McDaniels, Mark Boykin, Toby Hoyle, Lane Proctor and Johnnie Edmundson. After a lengthy caution, we were back green with Michael Batten leading Skeeter Liles, Luke Owens, David Upchurch and Cy Nelms, Jr. Luke Owens would get around Liles to take over 2nd spot, as Cy Nelms, Jr moved up into 3rd. Several more cautions would plague this field, but as laps continued to wind down, it would be all Michael Batten out front. Michael Batten would not only bring home his 9th win of the season, but he would also bring home the 2012 Rapid Red Racing Supply Thunder & Lightning division. Luke Owens brought home 2nd, Cy Nelms, Jr 3rd, Skeeter Liles 4th & David Upchurch rounded out the top 5. Congratulations Michael on your win & track championship.

Our final feature even of the night, the ARCO Restoration Pure Stock 4’s would see Michael Webb and Brent Atkinson on the front row of this $400 to win 20 lap event. Lap 1 would prove eventful as 2 cars got together with one literally erupting into flames. Madness kind of ensued as the caution flag was thrown, red light flipped on, cars slamming on brakes while others were not as quick. One car ended up on the guard rail in turn 4, literally straddling it! Luckily, everyone involved was ok. Green flag, Michael Webb out front of Brent Atkinson, Thomas Holbrooke, Wesley Johnson & Cody Keith. JP Brantley got around Cody Keith for 5th spot and began working on Johnson for 4th. Cody Keith would get back around Brantley, taking over 4th spot. Brent Atkinson would challenge Webb for the lead, racing side by side, unable to get around Webb at the half-way mark. Third place Thomas Holbrooke would bring out the caution with a spin in turn 2 with 15 laps complete. Green flag, 5 to go, Michael Webb leads Atkinson all the way to the checkers, bringing home his 7th win of the season. Brent Atkinson came home 2nd followed by Cody Keith, JP Brantley and Chris Collins.

Be sure to join Steve Summerlin & Steve Vail Monday on 98.5 the Big Dawg at noon on Kat’s Kitchen. They will review this week’s race and give a sneak peak at upcoming events at County Line Raceway. We will be having an open practice on Thursday the 18th from 7-10pm. Come on out and take advantage of this practice session. Next week, we’ll have the ARCO Restoration Pure Stock Four Cylinder, Nashville Feed Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8, DRU Inc. Modifieds, Barnes Equipment Late Model, Powder Puffs and the Big Dawg Clash. Come on out for what is sure to be an action packed night! As always, if you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949, check the website www.countylineracewaync.com/, or our Facebook page for any information you may need. Thanks so much for your support & we’ll see you next week at the Line!

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