County Line Honors Track Legend Victor May

Cooler temperatures greeted fans and drivers at County Line Raceway Saturday as the gates opened for the 2nd Annual Victor May Memorial. With 77 cars checked in, 22 of them Super Stock 4’s, Victor May was surely smiling down. With 110 laps scheduled to be run, $690 to be given to the winner of the 20 lap Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s, the Playtyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 and the Barnes Equipment Late Models ready to bang the doors and jam some gears! The highlight of the night though, was the 10 lap Dash for Cash for $690 to win and $100 to 2nd place. Special thanks to Erwin Racing Supply for putting up the $100 for 2nd spot!

Up first, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s with Eric Hill, who broke the track record earlier with a 17.596, on the pole. Victor’s memory was definitely honored as Austin Holcombe & Bobby Bottoms both drove Victor’s old car #, 69. After one lap with the missing man formation, we were ready to go green. Eric Hill quickly got out front of James Manning and as these 22 cars made the first lap around the track, I personally have all ideas Victor was smiling & cheering for everyone of these guys. The caution flew quickly as one car got around in turn 2. With the lineup correct, Eric Hill would lead Bill Winstead, James Manning, Austin Holcombe and Brad Hamm to the green. All through the field guys were jostling for position, with a great battle for 6th going on between Kevin Pierce & John Proctor. Pierce had it, but Proctor wanted it. Proctor would get around Pierce briefly, but Pierce would fight back on the outside to retake the position. The caution came out again for a single car spin on the backstretch on lap 3 slowing the field once again. After bunching the field up, Hill would lead Winstead, Holcombe, Manning and Hamm to the green. Bill Winstead would get up beside Hill out of 3 and take the lead, as Holcombe came with him to take over 2nd spot. Caution again for a single car spin out of 4 that would put a car up on the berm. Back green with 4 laps complete, Winstead lead Holcombe, Hill, Manning and Hamm to the green flag. Nevin Twiddy made the pass on Brad Hamm for 5th spot, bringing John Proctor with him to take over 6th. Proctor put the move on Twiddy for 5th spot, as Kevin Pierce and Bobby Bottoms battled for 8th place. Coming to half way the leader was catching the tail of the field lapping them with ease. Austin Holcombe got inside of Winstead to take over the lead on lap 14. How sweet it is to see that 69 out front! Bill Winstead would fight to get around Holcombe, passing the lead back and forth for about 2 laps as the caution came out for 3rd place Eric Hill who spun on the backstretch. With 4 to go, Austin Holcombe would lead the field to the green flag. Bill Winstead held onto 2nd followed by James Manning, John Proctor, and Brad Hamm. Winstead would give Holcombe a couple of taps, work his way underneath him and these boys race side by side literally to the finish line. It would be Austin Holcombe taking the checkers by .005 of a second! That 69 sure looked great sitting in victory lane again!! Austin was followed by Bill Winstead, James Manning, John Proctor & Jason Horne.

Our second feature of the night, the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s with Cody Keith & Brent Atkinson on the front row. A multicar crash would red flag this field on lap 1. Several cars got together resulting in a bumper being ripped off, one car up in the air, and several cars spinning. After a clean up by our track staff, Brent Atkinson lead the field to the green followed by Michael Webb, Cody Keith, Jefferey Patterson and Jeremy Benson. Patterson would work his way around Keith to take over 3rd spot and mount the challenge on Webb for 2nd. Atkinson got a little loose on the backstretch giving Webb the opportunity to get up on his bumper, but Atkinson was able to hold on and maintain the lead. A car with a flat tire would bring out the caution again, but we were back under green quickly with Brent Atkinson leading a very tight field around the track. Webb was all up on the bumper of Atkinson as we approached lap 7 but couldn’t complete the pass for the lead. Jefferey Patterson held tightly to 3rd spot followed by last week’s winner Cody Keith and Jeremy Benson rounding out the top 5. Caution out again with 11 complete. With only 4 laps to go, would Brent Atkinson be able to hold off Michael Webb for his 2nd win? Brent took the green, holding off Webb’s hard charge and brought the field around to take the 3 to go mark. Webb started putting more pressure on Atkinson hoping to shake up Atkinson enough to steal the lead away, but it wasn’t enough as Brent Atkinson brought home the win. Michael Webb was 2nd, followed by Jeffery Patterson, Cody Keith and Jeremy Benson. Another stellar race for the top 5 guys in this class!

Our 3rd feature, the always exciting PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division would see Gary Whitley, who earlier in the night broke the track record with a fast time of 18.545, and Jerry Williams on the front row. Gary Whitley would take command of this 15 lap feature quickly as the remainder of the field shuffled for position behind him. Jerry Williams held on tight to 2nd spot, waiting for the right moment to make a move on the leader. Amanda Liles would suffer a mechanical failure bringing out the caution on lap 4. Back green with Whitley out front with Jerry Williams in 2nd, Wade Ferrell in 3rd spot, Jason Schlaffer in 4th spot and Dwayne Whitley rounding out the top 5. After a jumble at the restart, Dwayne Whitely lost several spots as he inadvertently got into the back of Wade Ferrell, which would move Carly Fulghum into the top 5. Jerry Williams made a hard charge for the lead, but Whitley was able to hold him off. Side by side out of turn 2 and all the way down the backstretch, Whitley & Williams battled for the lead, but a caution would slow them on lap 12. Gary Whitley brought them to the green but Jerry Williams quickly went after him trying to get that lead away but couldn’t do it as Gary Whitley brought home his first win of the 2013 season. Wade Ferrell snuck up and snatched 2nd from Jerry Williams, who finished 3rd, Jason Schlaffer and Carly Fulghum.

The popular Barnes Equipment Late Models lined up outside of turn 4 with the C9 of Christian Joyner & the 21 of Michael Batten on the front row. Christian Joyner shot out like a rocket taking command of this 30 lap feature followed by Russell Erwin, Michael Batten, JP Cascell & Bobby Bottoms. By lap 6, Joyner was catching and lapping the tail of the field. Erwin and Batten battled hard for 2nd spot with Erwin holding onto the spot. JP Cascell started feeling the pressure from 5th place Bobby Bottoms, while Neal Sykes tried to sneak a peak at the 5th spot. Good, hard racing through the field with all of these guys giving 100% for these fans who love this class. Christian Joyner held tight to his lead, followed by Russell Erwin, Michael Batten, JP Cascell and Bobby Bottoms. White flag, Christian Joyner still out front. Coming to the checkers it would be Christian Joyner bringing home his 4th win of 2013. He was followed by Russell Erwin, Michael Batten, JP Cascell and Travis Hair. Great job to these guys for a great race!

The ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning lined up for their 20 lap feature with Brad Hamm & Lane Proctor on the front row. Green flag and we’re off racing with Brad Hamm out front followed by Matthew Bissette, Lane Proctor, Mark Boykin & Scott Baines your top 5. A quick caution would come out for a single car spin, but we were very quickly back under green. Brad Hamm continued to hold off Matthew Bissette, Mark Boykin, Cy Nelms Jr. & Lane Proctor. Another caution would slow this 14 car field on lap 8. Brad Hamm would bring the field to green followed by Bissette, Boykin, Nelms Jr., and Proctor. Cy Nelms, Jr. would make the move on Mark Boykin for 3rd spot just as the caution came out for a spin in turn 4. Back green and Matthew Bissette tried hard to get around Brad Hamm to take the lead only to be shut down coming ouat of turn 1. Half way, 10 to go and Brad Hamm starts to pull away from Bissette. Luke Owens was side by side with Lane Proctor for the 5th spot making the pass out of turn 3. Caution again for a car stopped right past the pit entrance in turn 2. With 7 to go, Brad Hamm, who was anxious to bring home his first win in the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division, lead the field to green only to be slowed by another caution. Mark Boykin would get into Matthew Bissette, Cy Nelms, Jr. would climb up over Boykin, Luke Owens spun trying to avoid the whole thing and in the process collected Skeeter Liles. Green, for hopefully the last time, with Brad Hamm leading Matthew Bissette, Mark Boykin, Cy Nelms, Jr & Chris Radford. Cy Nelms, Jr would challenge Boykin for 3rd and take the spot with 5 to go. Matthew Bissette would go way high in turn 4 losing 2nd spot to Cy Nelms, Jr and allowing Mark Boykin to take over 3rd spot. Bissette would fall back to 8th spot in a matter of 2 laps. Coming to the checkers it would be Brad Hamm, Cy Nelms, Jr, Mark Boykin, Luke Owens & Lane Proctor.

Our final event of the night, the much anticipated 10 lap Victor May Memorial Dash For Cash! The winner would take home a cool $690 while 2nd spot would take home $100 thanks to Erwin Racing Supply. With 10 cars participating, they all came out to the front stretch and gathered around Victor’s children, Dawson & Ava. All 10 drivers, John Proctor, Nevin Twiddy, Eric Hill, Bobby Bottoms, Bill Winstead, Kevin Pierce, Glenn Bottoms, James Manning, Austin Holcombe and Jason Horne, chose an envelope from Dawson picking their starting spot. John Proctor pulled the pole position, with Nevin Twiddy pulling the outside. The rest of the field would line up behind these two drivers for 10 laps of hard racing, just like Victor would’ve wanted. John and Nevin pulled even coming out of turn 3, but by the time they hit 4, John Proctor would be in the lead. Eric Hill and Bobby Bottoms would battle for 3rd spot, with Bottoms taking the position, as Kevin Pierce & Bill Winstead went side by side for 5th. A few cars tangling on the backstretch would bring out the caution with Austin Holcombe, Eric Hill & Jason Horne receiving damage. Nevin Twiddy would pull in as well due to a mechanical issue. Back green with John Proctor still out front, while Bobby Bottoms & Bill Winstead beat & banged each other for 2nd spot. Bill Winstead would overtake Bottoms as we came to the half way mark. John Proctor continued to stretch his lead out and would bring home the win in true Victor May style! Speaking with Steve Summerlin after exiting his car, John said “I wanted to win this more than anything.” After hugs from Victor’s mom & dad, his children Dawson & Ava presented him with his $690 & a trophy & posed for photo’s with John in front of his #90 with Victor’s picture inside the number.

Please be sure to join us on Monday on 98.5 the Big Dawg as we review tonight’s race & preview next week’s PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 $350 to win special. On tap for next week as well will be the Barnes Equipment Late Model, DRU Inc. Modifieds, Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock Four Cylinder & PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8.

Thanks to all of you for coming out to celebrate & honor Victor May. On behalf of the staff of County Line Raceway, thank you so much for your continued support! We’ll see you next week at the Line!

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