Four Drivers Pick Up Their First Wins Of 2013 at CLR

With overcast skies, staff, drivers and fans filed into County Line Raceway for the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 special. The 22 cars signed in would race 15 laps for $350. Fans would also be able to see the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s, PL Woodard PSV8’s, Barnes Equipment Late Models & the return of the DRU Inc. Open Wheel Modifieds.

Our first feature event, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s would see Brad Hamm & Bill Winstead on the front row. Brad Hamm would take the point at the drop of the green followed by Bill Winstead, last week’s winner Austin Holcombe and William Carroll. The caution would come out for a single car spin in turn 4 on lap 5. Back green with Winstead immediately charging for the top spot only to be shut down by Hamm. John Proctor would get by Winstead to take over 2nd spot, while Austin Holcombe challenged Winstead for 3rd. Barely making the pass on the backstretch, the caution would come out again for a car stopped in turn 4. Back green, Brad Hamm leads Bill Winstead, John Proctor, Austin Holcombe and James Manning. James Bailey would bring out the caution on lap 9 when he spun over in turn 4 before getting hit by a slowing car. James would be towed to the pits by our quick responding track staff. Green flag, Hamm leads Proctor, Holcombe, Winstead and Manning. William Carroll was holding off Glenn Bottoms for 6th spot as the leader started to put some distance from 2nd spot. Holcombe took over 2nd spot from John Proctor with 5 to go, setting his sights on catching the leader Brad Hamm. Austin Larrison would bring out the caution on lap 15 when he slammed into the turn 4 wall. With 5 to go, this was setting up to be just like last week’s close finish. Brad Hamm brings them to the flag, Holcombe trying to get around him, Proctor sitting in 3rd poised to make his move. Holcombe seemed to close in a little on Hamm as we came to the 2 to go signal,  when William Carroll spun out of 4 bringing out the caution. This would set up a green, white, checker finish with Hamm hungry for a win, Holcombe looking to make it 2 in a row & Proctor looking his first points win of the season. Holcombe tried hard to get around Hamm at the drop of the green but couldn’t do it. Brad Hamm would grab the checkers followed by Austin Holcombe, John Proctor, Bill Winstead & James Manning. Congrats Hamm Racing on the win!

Next out, the DRU Inc. Open Wheel Modifieds with Kyle Strickler on the pole & Russell Erwin on the outside. At the drop of the green, Erwin & Strickler drag raced down the front stretch, but when they got to turn 1, Erwin went up high and spun in front of the field! He collected Ryan Toole, Greg Brown, Chris Parker, Jeff Solinger and Roger Lucas. Two cars would be relegated to the pits, while Ryan Toole would sustain serious left side damage but would continue. With a complete reset, we were back green with Strickler out front followed by Taylor Cooke, Chris Parker, Bud Watson and Mike Reynolds. Warren Lipford would bring the caution out for a 2nd time when he got into the backstretch wall off of turn 2. Quickly gathering the field back together we were back green only to be under caution again on lap 4 when Warren would spin again outside of turn 4. Green flag with Strickler leading Cooke, Russell Erwin who’d made his way back through the field, Chris Parker and Jeff Solinger. Erwin would get around Cooke to take over 2nd spot and start to chase down Strickler as we completed lap 6 of this 25 lap feature. Kyle Strickler would put a 6-7 car length distance between him & Erwin as the laps continued to wind down. Matt Cannady would loop his modified around in turn 4 on lap 13 to bring out the caution. Green flag, Strickler leading Erwin, Cooke, Parker and Roger Lucas. Strickler would pull away from Erwin to lead the final laps of this race. Roger Lucas, recovering from an early caution, would pass Chris Parker for 4th spot as Strickler was lapping the tail of the field. Lucas would have to pull into the pits as we came to the white flag, while Kyle Strickler made one final circuit around County Line Raceway to bring home his first win of 2013. Strickler was followed by Russell Erwin, Taylor Cooke, Chris Parker & Bud Watson.

Our special feature of the night, the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s would run their 15 lap $350 special with Jeffery Patterson & Brent Atkinson on the front row. A couple of cars would spin down in turn 1 on lap 1, but would not require a trip to the pits. We were quickly back green with Jeffery Patterson leading Michael Webb, Brent Atkheinson, Cody Keith and Jeremy Benson. Another caution would slow this field yet again, and after quick clean up, we were back green with 2 complete. Michael Webb would quickly challenge and take over the top spot from Jeffery Patterson followed by Brent Atkinson in 3rd, Cody Keith & Jeremy Benson. Finally able to get some green flag laps in, Michael Webb held off Patterson, but it was not easy. Patterson was trying his best to get back out front and bring home the $350 prize and his first win of the season. With 7 complete, Patterson continued to attempt to get around Webb, while Brent Atkinson, Cody Keith & Jeremy Benson all held on to their position in the top 5. JP Brantley sitting in 6th was chomping at the bit to get up in the top 5 when a slow car at the top of the track brought out the caution for the  6th time. Green again with Webb leading Patterson, Atkinson, Keith & Benson. Patterson would pull up along Webb for the lead only to have the door slam shut. Patterson would get his nose under Webb and get even with him down the front stretch. Patterson would take over the lead only to spin out of turn 4 allowing Michael Webb to get the win. Webb was followed by Brent Atkinson, Cody Keith, Jeremy Benson & JP Brantley.

The always exciting Barnes Equipment Late Models lined up outside of turn 4 with Dustin Mitchell & Russell Erwin on the front row. Last week’s winner, Christian Joyner would have a long way to the front as he has to start at the rear of the field due to 3 consecutive wins. Dustin Mitchell would jump out front quickly, as Daniel Tucker got around Russell Erwin for 2nd spot. Returning for the first time this year, last year’s points winner Cy Nelms, Sr held onto 4th spot with Travis Hair in 5th. Michael Batten, Roger Lucas, Neal Sykes, Bobby Bottoms and Christian Joyner rounded out the top 10. A slow car would bring out the caution, but we were back under green in no time. Mitchell continued to hold onto his lead over Daniel Tucker, Russell Erwin, Cy Nelms, Sr & Travis Hair. Visiting driver Richard Clew would bring out the 2nd caution with a solo spin in turn 4, but was able to continue without assistance. Green flag, Mitchell out front followed by Daniel Tucker, Russell Erwin, Cy Nelms, Sr. and Travis Hair. Half way, and still no change in the top 5, but from 6th through 10th there was some serious racing going on. Up front, Cy Nelms would attempt to get around Russell Erwin for 3rd spot, but couldn’t get around. Another caution would fly, and we were back under green, only to go back under caution again when the 37 of Cy Nelms, Sr got into Russell Erwin causing him to spin in turn 2. After a little discussion, they were both sent to the rear & we were back green. Dustin Mitchell was pulling away from Daniel Tucker who was followed by Travis Hair, Michael Batten & Roger Lucas. Neal Sykes was knocking on the door of that 5th place car of Roger Lucas while Christian Joyner was closing in and finally got around Sykes for 6th spot. It was all Dustin Mitchell out front with about 5 car lengths between him and Daniel Tucker. Dustin Mitchell would bring home the win followed by Daniel Tucker, Travis Hair, Michael Batten and Roger Lucas.

Our final event of the night, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8’s would line up with Gary Whitley & Jerry Williams on the front row. Amanda Liles would spin over in turn 2 on lap 1 but was able to continue, only to bring out the caution again on the backstretch on lap 2. Jerry Williams swung his 44 ride way out to take the lead away from Gary Whitley. Wade Ferrell would get down on the inside to get around Whitley taking over the 2nd spot. Dwayne Whitley and Jason Schlaffer rounded out the top 5 of this always exciting class. Jerry Williams dominated this 15 lap feature bringing home his 2nd win of the season. He was followed by Wade Ferrell, Gary Whitley, Jason Schlaffer and Dwayne Whitley.

Be sure to join us next week for the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning $800 to win 20 lap feature. Also on the schedule, the Barnes Equipment Late Model, Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8  & the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock Four Cylinder. If you have any questions, or need any other information, please call the track at 252-985-1949, check our website,,, our Facebook page or our Twitter.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary season! We’ll see you next week at The Line~

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