Hair Picks Up Kid’s Night Victory

County Line Raceway celebrated the beginning of the summer with our annual Kids Night! Kids were able to take rides on racecars with their favorite drivers as Roary & the Kids Konnection were on hand to help them get on the racecars as well as having a Junior flagman & Kids Konnection Members riding in the pace truck. If you’re interested, please see one of the track staff for an application!

After car rides, we went straight into heats & qualifying for all divisions and after seeing some fast times, we knew we were in for a great night of racing action!

Up first the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4 division with Jesse Duke & Eric Hill on the front row. After being led around the track by Steve Summerlin and members of the Kids Konnection for a couple of pace laps, we were under green. John Proctor was definitely in a hurry to get to the front of the field as he challenged first and second place cars. Proctor would take the point followed by Eric Hill, Jamie Bailey, Austin Holcombe & Jesse Duke. Two cars would get together bringing out the first caution on lap 6. Austin Larrison & John Carroll would be hooked together requiring assistance from track staff. After clearing the raceway, we were back under green with Proctor still leading Eric Hill, Jamie Bailey, Austin Holcombe & Jesse Duke. Proctor would continue to lead the remainder of this feature, bringing home his 3rd win of the season. Proctor was followed by Eric Hill, Jamie Bailey, Austin Holcombe & Jesse Duke. Excellent run for these guys!

Out next, the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning Division with Mark Boykin & Brad Hamm leading the field to green. At the drop of the green flag Skeeter Liles was trying to check out! He went three wide on the bottom to get around Mark Boykin and Brad Hamm to take the lead going into turn 1! Wow, what a move! Brad Hamm would take over 2nd spot moving Mark Boykin back to 3rd, Lane Proctor in 4th and Cy Nelms Jr. rounding out the top 5. Brad Hamm would challenge Liles for the lead only to fall back in behind him when the caution came out for a slow car on the front stretch. After a quick caution, we were back green with Liles leading a hard charging Brad Hamm. Hamm wold try several different grooves trying to get around Liles only to have Liles to slam the door on him. Lane Proctor would battle Mark Boykin side by side for several laps trying to take over 3rd spot as Cy Nelms, Jr. was waiting for one of them to slip up. Up front, Skeeter managed to put several car lengths between him and 2nd place Hamm only to have a caution for fluid on the track in turn 2. Back green after making sure the track was clear with 6 to go, Liles out front followed by Hamm, Boykin, Nelms Jr., and Lane Proctor. Lap 16 would see the caution for Mark Boykin who was blowing a lot of smoke. Boykin would make the hard right turn to the outside pits out of turn 2, giving up his 3rd place run. Green with 4 to go with Liles leading Hamm, Nelms, Jr., Proctor and Doug Williams. Skeeter Liles would bring home his 6th win, and his 3rd in a row. Liles was followed by Brad Hamm, Cy Nelms, Jr., Lane Proctor & Chris Radford.

The PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 lined up for their 15 lap feature with Cody Keith and Dennis Deaver on the front row. David Haggins would bring out the first caution, as he slowed on the track, but it was a very short pause to the action as we were right back green. Cody Keith would lead Dennis Deaver, Thomas Holbrooke, Michael Webb and Cooper Edwards. Cody Keith dominated this race and as the laps wound down maintained his lead to bring home his 2nd win of the season. He was followed by Thomas Holbrooke, Michael Webb, Damien Bryant and Cooper Edwards. Bryant & Edwards would bring home their best finish of 2013! Great job guys!

The 2nd round of the Barnes Fast 5 Barnes Equipment Late Models lined up for their 30 lap feature with Christian Joyner, who broke the track record with a 14.459 on the pole. Michael Batten was your outside pole sitter & at the drop of the green flag, these guys were racing!! Christian Joyner jumped out to a car length lead over Michael Batten, but Batten would quickly feel the pressure of Bobby Bottoms. Bottoms would pull a slide job on Batten to take over the 2nd spot while Travis Hair held on to 3rd. Batten & Bottoms would battle a couple of laps before Batten reclaimed 2nd spot. Hair would put pressure on Bottoms for 2nd as Christian Joyner stretched his lead out. The battle was for 2nd and it involved the 2nd, 3rd & 4th place cars! Hair would get around Bottoms taking over 3rd spot while Randy Lucas moved up into the top 5. Hair & Batten would battle relentlessly for 2nd spot with Travis going into 4 a little hot getting into the corner, slightly tagging Batten. Hair would move into the 2nd spot and hang on to it as Batten tried hard to get it back. Coming off turn 2 we would see the leader spin! Christian Joyner would go to the rear while Travis Hair moved to the lead. Hair has not had a win this season. Joyner would bring out the caution again when he slowed in turn 2, and as we went back green Hair leads Bobby Bottoms, who was holding off Michael Batten. Bottoms and Batten would put on a great show for the 2nd spot while Travis Hair would lead the remaining laps. Bobby Bottoms, Michael Batten, Randy Lucas & Dykes Maynard would round out the top 5. Congratulations Travis Hair & Tart Brothers Racing. Mr. Wayne Tart lost his mother, and during his Victory Lane speech, Travis dedicated his win in her memory.

Our final feature of the night, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 saw Kevin Beard and Gary Whitley on the front row of this 15 lap feature. Whitley would take the point at the start of the race as they raced three wide through the field. Kevin Beard would fall in behind Whitley for 2nd, as the rest scattered and shuffled behind them. Beard would get around Whitley for the lead as Wade Ferrell, Willie Schwann & Carly Fulghum rounded out the top 5. Ronnie Howard would bring out the first caution as he spun out of turn 4, bouncing up on the berm & needing assistance to get off of it.  A mix up on the back stretch would shuffle the top 5 around as Carly Fulghum got into the wall bringing out the 2nd caution. Green flag with Kevin Beard out front followed by Gary Whitley, Wade Ferrell, Willie Schwann & Greg Barnett. Gary Whitley would get into the wall just a little out of turn two allowing Wade Ferrell to get around him, as Kevin Beard hit a rough spot in the track moving up just enough to allow Ferrell to take the lead! The hardest racing of the night right here folks, as these drivers battled and fought for position. Wade Ferrell continued to lead Kevin Beard, Jerry Williams, Gary Whitley and Carly Fulghum the current top 5 with 3 to go. The caution would come out when Shotgun Murray & Steve Bryant would get together on the backstretch bringing out the caution. With the track cleared, we were ready to go back green flag racing with Wade Ferrell out front followed by Jerry Williams, Carly Fulghum, Willie Schwann & Roy Hall. Kevin Beard would get into the wall on the backstretch bringing out the caution right after the restart sending him to the tail end of the field. He & Gary Whitley would get together in turn 1 bringing out the caution. Whitley would retire to the pits as we attempted a green, white, checker finish. Wade Ferrell would be able to hold off Jerry Williams, just barely as they were side by side at the start/finish line. Ferrell would bring home the win followed by Williams, Carly Fulghum, Roy Hall & Kevin Beard.

We will hold an open practice on Tuesday, June 11th from 7-10 pm. Please be sure to come out and take advantage of this practice. Also, on Wednesday, we will be at Flemming Stadium as Roary will be out enjoying some baseball and running the bases with Slugger.

Coming up next Saturday, the 2nd Annual Thunder in the Pines Modified Special! On the schedule, the Barnes Equipment Late Models, DRU Inc. Modifieds (25 laps – $1,500 to win, $150 to start), Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 & the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock Four Cylinder.

Please be sure to call the track with any questions at 252-985-1949, check our website at, our Facebook or Twitter~

Thanks for coming out & we’ll see you next week at The Line!

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