Chris Parker Wins The Thunder In The Pines

No one could’ve asked for better weather today as people filed into County Line Raceway for the 2nd Annual Thunder in the Pines 100! For the first time in several years, County Line Raceway would host 6 divisions of racing! That’s right, 6 divisions would take to the 3/8 mile oval for 125 laps of hard door to door racing! We welcomed our Barnes Equipment Late Model division, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s, PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8’s and the hard racing DRU Inc. Open Wheel Modifieds.

After a pace lap by the Kids Konnection Pace Truck, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4 division, with John Proctor & Austin Holcombe on the front row, set off for 20 laps. Proctor set a quick pace followed closely behind Austin Holcombe, Jamie Bailey, Austin Larrison & Chris Moore. Jamie Bailey would slip up just a little out of turn 4 in front of Larrison causing him to slip back 1 spot but he was able to continue. Out front, Holcombe repeatedly challenged Proctor for the lead, but would be shut down as John Proctor went on to win his 4th race of the season & 3rd in a row.

Up next, the non points event for the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division would line up to battle it out for 20 laps with Skeeter Liles leading the field to the green flag. Skeeter would lead Chris Radford, David Upchurch, James Meredith & Doug Williams Liles would have a mechanical failure on lap 14 after leading the entire race! This would move 05 of David Upchurch into the lead followed by Chris Radford. Radford would challenge Upchurch hard, eventually making contact on the backstretch. Upchurch would spin and they would both tag on to the rear of the field. This would put James Meredith out front with 2 to go. James Meredith would hold off a hard charge by the 05 of Upchurch to bring home his first win. He was followed by David Upchurch and Chris Radford.

The DRU Inc. Open Wheel Modifieds, making their return to County Line Raceway, pulled onto the track for their 25 lap feature. Before taking the green flag, the drivers fell into the “Missing Man” formation in honor of fellow open wheel driver Donnie Smith who passed away earlier this week. Taylor Cooke would lead the field to green but it would be Chis Parker who took the lead. Parker would pull away slightly from Cooke as he dove down into turn 4, but the caution would come out for Michael Yanke as he spun over in turn 4. Back green with Parker leading Cooke, Derrick Ramey, Roger Lucas & Troy Loomis. Bud Watson would make his way into the top 5 as the field battled for each spot. Chris Parker would find the checkered flag bringing home his first win of the season. Taylor Cooke, Derrick Ramey, Roger Lucas & Bud Watson would round out the top 5.

Proud sponsor PL Woodard watched as the Pure Stock V8 division pulled out of turn 4 for their 15 lap feature with Kevin Beard & Jerry Williams on the front row. These two are very hard racers and the first last did not disappoint! Beard would take the lead with Williams dead on his bumper. Beard & Williams would race hard for that top spot, with Williams eventually getting around him to take over the lead. Williams quickly caught the tail of the field and was putting cars laps down when he would make slight contact with Dwayne Whitley on the backstretch. The caution would slow the field and after quick action by track staff, we were back under green. Beard would dive hard into turn 1 and barely nudge Williams out of the way to attempt to take the lead, only to see Williams spin the car! Beard & Williams were both sent to the rear with Carly Fulghum taking over the lead with 2 to go. Carly would bring home her first win of 2013 followed by Joey Graziani, William Schwann, Jerry Williams & Kevin Beard.

Michael Batten set the fast time for the Barnes Equipment Late Model division but due to a mechanical failure, he would start at the rear of the field. This in turn would move Travis Hair to the front row along side Christian Joyner for this 30 lap shoot out. Hair would jump out front of Joyner quickly, but Joyner would not be stopped. He got around Hair for the lead and set sail, quickly catching the tail of the field. Bobby Bottoms, riding in 3rd spot, spun on the backstretch off of turn 2 bringing out the only caution that would slow this field. Bobby would join the tail of the field and we were back green with 15 laps to go. Joyner remained out front followed by Hair, Roger Lucas, Randy Lucas & Bobby Bottoms. Bottoms would find his line again quickly, and work his way around both the Lucas brothers to take back his 3rd place spot. Christian Joyner would lead the remaining laps and bring home the win followed by Travis Hair, Bobby Bottoms, Roger Lucas & Randy Lucas.

Our final feature of the night, the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 division would see Thomas Holbrooke & Robby Causby on the front row. The caution would come out quickly for these guys as Michael Webb spun from his 7th place starting spot on the first lap. Back green with Robby Causby leading Thomas Holbrooke, Dennis Deaver, Jeffery Patterson & Damien Bryant. Cody Wilson would bring out the 2nd caution when he spun out of turn 4, and shortly after going green, 3rd place Dennis Deaver would spin out of 4 as well. With these back to back cautions, this would shake up the top 5 as Jeffery Patterson moved up into 3rd spot, Damien Bryant to 4th & Michael Webb moving into the top 5 after an earlier spin. Patterson would work hard to get around Holbrooke for 2nd spot finally making his move on the high side out of turn 3 to take the spot. With his sights set on the lead, he set off after Causby. Causby would fight to hold the lead, but Patterson was on point as he slid up into that top spot. With nothing between him and the checkers, Patterson raced his way to the win! Thomas Holbrooke would take over 2nd spot, Robby Causby brought home 3rd, Damien Bryant had another great run coming home 4th & Michael Webb rallied back for a top 5 finish.

Be sure to come out next week & bring the kids as we host Mascot Night. We will have several mascots on hand to meet with the kids, take some photo’s & hang out with Roary the County Lion. We will also have a candy drop for the kids! Scheduled for Saturday night,the Barnes Equipment Late Model, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 & the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock Four Cylinder.

As always if you have any questions, please contact us at the track at 252-985-1949, our website,, our Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for your support as we celebrate 25 years! See you at the Line!

Top 5 in Points All Divisions:

Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4

90           John Proctor      1990       0

8              Austin Holcombe1795    -195

27           James Bailey      1671       -319

61           Eric Hill                  1591       -399

47           Glenn Bottoms  1528      -462


PL Woodard Pure Stock V8

1             44           Jerry Williams    1999

2              99H        Gary Whitley      1888       -111

3              48/1       Kevin Beard        1776       -223

4              42           Wade Ferrell      1721       -278

5              50           Carly Fulghum   1703       -296


DRU Inc Open Wheel Mods

1              21           Taylor Cook        772         0

2              48X         Chris Parker        750         -22

3              12           Greg Brown        619         -153

4              79           Roger Lucas        593         -179

5              22           Russell Erwin      579         -193


Barnes Equipment Late Models

1              C9           Christian Joyner                1748

2              47           Bobby Bottoms                 1631       -117

3              21           Michael Batten                 1603       -145

4              91           Travis Hair           1587       -161

5              22           Dykes Maynard                1436       -312


ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning

1              49           Brad Hamm        1539

2              P50         Lane Proctor      1489       -50

3              L3            Skeeter Liles      1469       -70

4              7              Mark Boykin       1466       -73

5              69           Chris Radford     1402       -137


PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4

1              12           Cody Keith          1880

2              81           Brent Atkinson 1870       -10

3              72           Jeffery Patterson 1677 -203

4              00           Dennis Deaver 1648       -232

5              51           Thomas Holbrook 1624 -256

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