Lick Picks Up First Ever ARDC Win at CLR

After a rain out last weekend, everyone was excited to return to County Line Raceway as we held our first Mascot night, as well as welcomed back the ARDC Midgets. Also schedule the Middlesex Super Stock 4, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 and P.L. Woodard Pure Stock V8.

The Mascots, Roary the County Lion, Slugger from the Wilson Tobs, Peter Bargaintail from Hubert Vester Honda & Miss Berry Delicious from Deans Farm Market would participate in a foot race down the front stretch. Slugger would put the other mascots to shame as he blew by them bringing home the checkered flag. Roary, upset over losing at his home track, immediately tried to protest over Sluggers shoes. As of this writing, we are unsure of the results of the protest.

After a pace lap with the Mascots, along with Kids Konnection Kid of the Week Enzo Dillon, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4 lined up with Bill Winstead on the pole and Jason Horne starting second. Horne would jump out to the front quickly taking the lead but Winstead was dead on him not ready to let him get too far away. The caution would come out for Glenn Bottoms with a mechanical issue that would see flames erupting from underneath the 47. Back green with Horne leading Winstead, Eric Hill, Austin Holcomb & Austin Larrison. Horne and Winstead would put on a great show, battling for that top spot. Through the field, we would see John Proctor move from the rear of the field and take over 3rd spot after getting around the 8 of Austin Holcombe. Eric Hill would hang on to 5th spot after getting around Austin Larrison. Jamie Bailey held tight to his 7th place position hoping to hold on to his 3rd place points as well. Jason Horne would bring home the win, followed by Bill Winstead, John Proctor, Austin Holcombe & Eric Hill.

Up next, the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division with Cy Nelms, Jr & Brad Hamm bringing the field to the green flag. Nelms & Hamm had a drag race own the front stretch but it would be Brad Hamm taking the point. Brad and Cy would pull away from the field as David Upchurch, Mark Boykin & Joey Cascell rounded out the top 5. The first caution in this feature would come out on lap 14 and again on lap 15 for Doug Williams who would spin in turn 4 both times. Back green with Hamm continuing to lead Nelms, Upchurch, Boykin & Cascell. Nelms would stick his nose under the bumper of Hamm several times but couldn’t complete the pass. Brad Hamm would bring home his 2nd win of the season. Brad was followed by Cy Nelms, David Upchurch, Mark Boykin & Joey Cascell.

The ARDC Midget Series would hit the 3/8ths mile clay oval next. Catasauqua Pennsylvania driver Kyle Lick would lead the 19 car field to the green flag. Lick would rocket into turn one side by side with Drew Heistand. Lick would power his way to the point on the back stretch and begin to stretch his lead over Heistand and Steven Drevicki. The 19 car field would remain tight throughout the 25 lap feature. The first caution would fly as Greg Fitzpatrick would get into the backstretch wall and roll over. Fitzpatrick would be okay. As the green flag flew for the 2nd time, Lick would find himself under heavy pressure from Heistand, Drevicki, PJ Gargulio and Jason Rice. Rice would tear through the field and battle for 2nd spot only to make contact with a lapped car resulting in Rice flipping several times in turn 2. After a quick clean up the field went green again with Lick leading the way for the final 10 laps and taking his first feature win in the ARDC Midget Racing Series. Lick would be followed by Trevor Kobylarz, Brett Arndt, Bruce Buckwalter Jr and Brendan Bright.

The PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s lined up on the backstretch with Jeffery Patterson & Thomas Holcombe on the front row. Patterson would go out front in turn 2 followed by Holbrooke, Michael Webb, Roby Causby and JP Brantley. The caution would come out with 2 complete for the 16 of Cooper Edwards over on the backstretch. The caution would come out again for a single car spin on the backstretch, then again on lap 5 for another single car spin in turn 4. Back green with Patterson leading Holbrooke, Michael Webb, Roby Causby and JP Brantley. Damien Bryant in 6th spot was holding off a charge from Cody Keith. A couple of cars would spin simultaneously on different areas of the speedway bringing out the caution again on lap 9. Chris Collins would take a ride to the pits in the ambulance to be checked out after an especially hard hit on the backstretch. He was deemed ok, but will most likely be sore in the morning. Back green with Patterson still leading Holbrooke. Holbrooke was holding off Webb while Brantley was challenging Causby for 4th. Holbrooke would get loose out of turn 4 inadvertently clipping the 9 of Webb. Webb would go to the pits with a right rear flat with 4 to go. Back green with Patterson leading Holbrooke, Cody Keith, Robby Causby & JP Brantley the remaining laps. Due to failing final tech, Patterson was disqualified. Thomas Holbrooke would be declared the winner. The remainder of the top 5 would be Cody Keith, Robby Causby, JP Brantley & Damien Bryant.

Our final feature of the night, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division. Roy Hall & Wade Ferrell started this 15 lap feature. Lap 1 would see the caution come out for a 3 car mess over in turn 4. Gary Whitley, Dwayne Whitley & Gary Whitley would get together after slight contact from a loose Amanda Liles. Back green with Ferrell leading Schlaffer, Roy Hall Kevin Beard and Carly Fulghum. Kyle Howard would bring out the caution on lap 5 with a lot of smoke coming out of his car. Back green with 10 to go. Ferrell out front, Schlaffer 2nd, Kevin Beard 3rd, Carly Fulghum 4th and Jerry Williams in 5th. Jason Schlaffer was all over the rear of Wade Ferrell as we came to 5 to go. He was trying to get around Ferrell to take the lead as the caution came out for 3rd place Kevin Beard who slowed out of turn 2. With 4 to go, Ferrell leads Schlaffer, Fulghum, Williams & Roy Hall. Schlaffer was all over Ferrell, trying to get around him to take over the top spot as the laps wound down. With 2 to go, Schlaffer was trying every line he could to get around, low, high, middle and could not complete the pass. Wade Ferrell would bring home the win followed by Jason Schlaffer, Carly Fulghum, Jerry Williams & Roy Hall.

County Line Raceway will be closed next Saturday night in honor of the 4th of July, but we will return on Friday July 12th with the Road to Jamaica Ultimate Super Late Model event! That’s right, the Ultimate Super Late Model Series will make a stop at County Line Raceway on Friday night before heading up to Jamaica, Virginia! Join us for the 40 lap, $4000 to win Super Late Model event. We will also see the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4, PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning and the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 in action!

As always, if you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949 or check our website at,, our Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for your support & we’ll see you at the line!!

Top 5 Points (each division)

Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4

1              90           John Proctor        2179      

2              8             Austin Holcombe 1981   -198      

3              27           James Bailey      1841       -338      

4              61           Eric Hill                1774       -405      

5              47           Glenn Bottoms    1680       -499


ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning

1              49           Brad Hamm        1743      

2              7              Mark Boykin       1646       -97         

3              P50         Lane Proctor      1639       -104      

4              L3            Skeeter Liles      1637       -106      

5              69           Chris Radford     1561       -182      


PL Woodard Pure Stock V8

1              44           Jerry Williams    2183       0             

2              99H        Gary Whitley      2031       -152      

3              48/1       Kevin Beard        1938       -245      

4              42           Wade Ferrell      1931       -252      

5              50           Carly Fulghum   1894       -289      


PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4

1              12           Cody Keith          2076      

2              81           Brent Atkinson    2036       -40         

3              51           Thomas Holbrook 1834 -242                      

4              00           Dennis Deaver    1824       -252      

5              03           Damien Bryant   1779       -297

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