Russell Erwin Wins Steel Block Nationals

We could not have asked for better weather for the 3rd Annual Steel Block Nationals. Late models from up and down the East Coast would make the trek to County Line Raceway for the $4000 to win 50 lap feature! Also on the schedule the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4, PlayTyme Concession Pure Stock 4, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 and the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning.

Up first, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4 division with William Carroll and Jason Horne on the front row. Hard racing from the drop of the green flag, with Jason Horne quickly jumping out front followed by William Carroll, Jamie Bailey John Proctor & Eric Hill. Caution would come quick, as lap 4 would see Bill Winstead & Brandon Whitley got together on the backstretch which would see both cars towed to the pits. Back green with William Carroll challenging Horne hard for the top spot. Jamie Bailey was holding onto 3rd but John Proctor and Eric Hill were coming. Lee Hicks would bring out the caution on lap 6 with a solo spin over in turn 4. Back green with Horne continuing to lead Carroll, Proctor, Bailey & Hill. Nevin Twiddy & Austin Holcombe were getting racey as they tried to work their way up into the top 5. John Proctor would bring out the caution while running in 3rd when he popped the wall. With 12 complete, Jason Horne would lead the field to the green. William Carroll charged hard into turn 1 for the lead only to have Horne shut him off. He was followed by Jamie Bailey, Eric Hill and Nevin Twiddy. With 5 to go, Nevin Twiddy was all over Eric Hill for that 5th spot, while Bailey continued to hold onto 3rd.  Hill would get into Bailey causing Bailey to spin and collect Holcombe. All would be able to continue, although from the rear of the field. Jason Horne would lead the remaining laps bringing home the win. He was followed by William Carroll, Glenn Bottoms, Austin Larrison & Glenn Baker.


Up next, the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 division with Damien Bryant and Thomas Holbrooke on the front row. Holbrooke would quickly slide into the top spot as Damien Bryant held off Cody Keith, Daniel Hill and JP Brantley. Daniel Hill would bring out the first caution, which was brief, but a 3 car collision in turn 2 would definitely slow this field. The 9 of Michael Webb & 81 of Brent Atkinson would spin in the bottom of 2 after a mix up in front of them. Bobby Crawford would then spin into the 81 of Atkinson. Back green with Holbrooke leading Cody Keith, JP Brantley, Brent Atkinson and Cooper Edwards. Three wide with Michael Webb trying to work his way back through the field. Up front it was all Thomas Holbrooke as he brought home his 2nd win of the season. He was followed by Cody Keith, JP Brantley, Brent Atkinson and Michael Webb.


The ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division, which is always exciting, lined up on the backstretch for their 20 lap feature. Luke Owens and Joey Cascell would hold the front row as they came around for the green flag. A straight up drag race is the only way to describe the top 2 cars as they shot out of turn 4. Side by side for 2 laps until Cascell finally got around Owens for the lead. A single car spin would slow the field but we were quickly back green. Joey Cascell lead Luke Owens, Lane Proctor, Buddy Isles, Jr & Skeeter Liles. Liles and Isles, Jr. would battle hard for position with Buddy Isles, Jr spinning in turn 4. Back green with Cascell, Owens, Proctor, Liles and Brad Hamm your top 5. As the checkers fell, Joey Cascell would bring home the win, his first win of the season. He was followed by Luke Owens, Lane Proctor, Skeeter Liles & Brad Hamm.


The PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division would roll out to the track with Wade Ferrell and Jerry Williams on the front row. Williams quickly got out front of this stellar field of drivers followed by Wade Ferrell, Jason Schlafer, Dewayne Whitley and returning to County Line Raceway, Phillip Lamm. These 15 laps would go by quickly, with great driving by all competitors. Jerry Williams would go on to bring home the win followed by Wade Ferrell, Jason Schlafer, Dewayne Whitley and Phillip Lamm.

After qualifying and heat races, the field was set for the 3rd Annual Steel Block Bandits 50 lap $4000 to win main event of the night. Gene Knaub would lay down the new track record of 14.417 and would go on to win his heat race giving him the outside pole, but it was Scott Adams who started in the top spot. At the drop of the green, Adams was on the gas followed closely behind Knaub, Russell Erwin, Ray Tucker and Cy Nelms, Sr. Erwin would get around Knaub for 2nd spot, and go on to challenge the leader. Side by side for the lead down the front stretch and through turns 1 and 2 but it was Adams keeping the top spot. By lap 13 Scott Adams was lapping the tail of the field. Side by side for lead, Erwin on the inside could not complete the pass as we approached lap 22. Lap 25 we would see a competition caution for crews to check fuel use and fuel up if necessary. Back green with 25 to go and Scott Adams continuing to lead Russell Erwin, Gene Knaub, Ray Tucker and Cy Nelms, Sr. Side by side out of 4 for the lead Erwin was trying to get by Adams, to be shut down. Coming back hard, Erwin would get around Adams taking the lead on lap 27. Gene Knaub made a run on Adams for 2nd while Cy Nelms, Sr. challenged Tucker for 4th. Out front, Russell Erwin stretched his lead over Adams by about 8 car lengths. The 1g of Knaub was all over Adams for the 2nd spot as Cy Nelms, Sr. and Christian Joyner got around Ray Tucker for 4th and 5th spot with 10 to go. Cy Nelms, Sr. made a move on Knaub for 3rd spot. With 5 to go, the 82 of Andy Fries, the Steel Block Bandits points leader, would suffer a flat tire bringing out the caution. Back green with Erwin setting sail to lead the final laps of this event. Russell Erwin would bring home the $4000 win! He was followed by Scott Adams, Gene Knaub, Cy Nelms, Sr. and Christian Joyner.


Please be sure to join us next week as we host the ARCO Restorations Thunder & Lightning Twins! With $600 on the line for each race, plus a $100 Fast Time award, this is bound to be a great race! Also on the schedule, the Barnes Equipment Late Model, Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 and the PlayTyme ConcessionsPure Stock Four Cylinders!

If you have any questions, or need some general info, please call the track at 252-985-1949 or check out our website at,, our Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for all of your support & we’ll see you next week!


Top 5 Points:

Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4:

1              90           John Proctor            3218

2              8              Austin Holcombe    3029 -189

3              27           James Bailey           2889 – 329

4              61           Eric Hill                    2744 – 474

5              47           Glenn Bottoms                      2700 – 518


PlayTyme Concession Pure Stock 4:

1              12           Cody Keith                3087

2              81           Brent Atkinson       3067 -20

3              51           Thomas Holbrook   2921- 166

4              J5            JP Brantley               2899 – 188

5              71           Robbie Causby      2744 – 343


PL Woodard Pure Stock V8:

1              44           Jerry Williams    3464

2              99H        Gary Whitley      3294 -170

3              1/48       Kevin Beard        3291-173

4              50           Carly Fulghum   3104 -360

5              42           Wade Ferrell      3024 -440


ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning:

1              49           Brad Hamm        2447

2              7              Mark Boykin       2410 -37

3              L3            Skeeter Liles      2353 -94

4              P50         Lane Proctor      2240 – 207

5              69           Chris Radford     2075 -372


Barnes Equipment Late Models:

1              C9           Christian Joyner 2909

2              47           Bobby Bottoms                 2635 -274

3              21           Michael Batten                 2546 – 363

4              79           Roger Lucas        2445 -464

5              91           Travis Hair           2441 -468

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