Cy Nelms Jr & Luke Owens Split ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning Twins

Bright sun and blue skies greeted fans, drivers, crew and staff at County Line Raceway for an exciting night of racing. With 6 feature races between 5 divisions, we would see the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4, PlayTyme Concession Pure Stock 4, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8, Barnes Equipment Late Models & Twin 15’s for the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning.

Up first, the very popular Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4 cylinders with William Carroll on the pole and points leader John Proctor on the outside. William Carroll took command of this 20 lap feature quickly with John Proctor close behind. Austin Holcombe, Nevin Twiddy & Bill Winstead battled for 3rd spot with Holcombe coming out in front of  Twiddy and Winstead. Proctor battled hard for the lead with Carroll never letting him get around him. Hard racing all through the field with Proctor gaining ground each lap on Carroll. Coming to the white flag, Proctor dove down below Carroll going into turn one and as they raced out of turn 2 and down the backstretch, Proctor would edge by Carroll to take the lead! It was a drag race from turn 3 and out of 4 to the checkers as they came to the line, it would be John Proctor bringing home the win. He was followed by William Carroll, Austin Holcombe, Nevin Twiddy & Bill Winstead.This 15 car field would race 20 hard laps with NO cautions! Great job by all drivers.

The first of 2 ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning twins for $600, thanks to Lewis Tax Service for the extra $100 to the winner, lined up with Skeeter Liles your pole sitter, picking up the $100 Fast Qualifier from Lewis Tax Service. Starting in 2nd spot, Cy Nelms, Jr. Cy Nelms, Jr. would take the lead out of turn 1 at the drop of the green flag, followed by Skeeter Liles, Matthew Bissette, Brad Hamm and Luke Owens. Cy Nelms, Jr would begin to lap traffic as we approached lap 5, but as the tail of the field came around into turn 1, the 56 of CJ Cascell got loose up in the opening at 2 and flipped his car over. Luckily, CJ was able to exit the car and was being checked out by the EMS to be sure he was ok. After waving off the start, Skeeter Liles would exit the track as the hood was up over his viewing area. This would move Matthew Bissette to 2nd, Brad Hamm to 3rd, Luke Owens to 4th and Mark Boykin up into the top 5. Nelms would shoot out of turn 1 and again take command of this race followed by Matthew Bissette, Brad Hamm, Luke Owens and Mark Boykin. Cy Nelms, Jr. would bring home his first win of the season, followed by Matthew Bissette, Brad Hamm, Luke Owens and Mark Boykin.

The PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 line up would see Amanda Liles starting from the top spot, with Wade Ferrell on the outside. Ferrell would take the lead as they went into turn 1. Liles would slip back through the field and as we approached lap 6, Gary Whitley would get into Liles causing her to spin down onto the berm on the front stretch. Back green with Ferrell leading Phillip Lamm, Dwayne Whitley, Greg Barnett and Jerry Williams. Greg Barnett would get around Lamm for 2nd spot  as Jerry Williams tried to get around Lamm for 3rd, but something was amiss with Lamm’s car as he continued to lose positions. Wade Ferrell would bring home his 4th win of the season followed by Dwayne Whitley, Greg Barnett, Jerry Williams & Kevin Beard.

The PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s lined up for their 15 lap feature on the backstretch with points leader Cody Keith on the pole, and 2nd in points on the outside. Before a lap could be completed, there was a mix up over in turn 1 that collected a couple of cars. After a clean start, we watched as Cody Keith took the lead with Brent close behind in 2nd spot. As the rest of the field battled for position, Cody Keith set sail. The man on the move was Gary Dillon. From his 8th starting position, he would maneuver around picking off cars one by one until he was up in 2nd spot and challenging for the lead. As the laps wound down, Dillon would try to get around Keith for the lead, but Cody Keith would bring home the win. He was followed by Gary Dillon JP Brantley, Dennis Deaver and Brent Atkinson.

Lined up for 30 laps, the Barnes Equipment Late Models would see Michael Batten on the pole position after breaking the track record with a 14.319! Dustin Mitchell would start on the outside pole. Mitchell would jump out to the lead in turn one, setting a fast pace as Michael Batten, Christian Joyner, Ray Tucker and Roger Lucas battled to stay in the top 5. Joyner would work his way around Batten to take over 2nd, while Ray Tucker tried to gain ground to get around Batten. Mitchell quickly started catching the tail of the field, as Travis Hair found a line around the high side of the track. As Hair was gaining ground on 5th place Roger Lucas, Christian Joyner found some speed as he was running between 2/10 and 4/10 faster than the leader. Coming down the backstretch attempting to take over 5th spot, Lucas slid up the track getting into Hair and spinning around into the turn 3 opening. Roger was towed to the pits, as Travis was able to continue. Dustin Mitchell would go on to lead the final 4 laps of this feature bringing home his 5th win of the season. He was followed by Christian Joyner, Michael Batten, Ray Tucker & Cy Nelms, Sr.

Our final feature of the evening, the second ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning 15 lap feature. Matthew Bissette & Luke Owens would start on the front row. Luke Owens would take the lead off of turn 2 followed by Matthew Bissette, Lane Proctor, Cy Nelms, Jr. and Skeeter Liles. A 4 car spin in turn 4 would bring out the first caution as Chris Radford, Scott Baines, Johnnie Edmundson and Melvin Edmundson would get together. Back green with Luke Owens out front followed by Matthew Bissette, Lane Proctor, Cy Nelms, Jr. and Skeeter Liles. Mark Boykin tried to make a move on Liles, but could not complete the pass. Caution on lap 9 for 4 cars getting together in turn 2. Proctor spun collecting Cy Nelms, Jr., Mark Boykin spun to avoid and Joey Cascell hit the wall. Back green after clean up with 6 to go. Luke Owens leading Skeeter Liles, Matthew Bissette, David Meredith and Scott Baines. Skeeter would mount a challenge on Owens with 2 to go but could not complete the pass. They would race side by side coming to the white flag, drag racing down the backstretch and coming out of turn 4. Luke Owens would bring home his first feature win of the season. He was followed by Skeeter Liles, Matthew Bissette, James Meredith and Scott Baines.

If you are in the area on Friday, be sure to tune in to Kat’s Kitchen on 98.5 the Big DAWG as Jeff Hall will give a preview of the races for Saturday night. Be sure to join us next week as we host First Responders Night. All First Responders (Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Military receive $5 off the price of admission. On the schedule, the Barnes Equipment Late Model, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 and the PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock Four Cylinder.

As always, if you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949, check our website at,, our Facebook page or twitter.

Thanks for all of your support and we’ll see you next week at the line!



Top 5 points:

Barnes Equipment Late Models

1              C9           Christian Joyner                3101

2              47           Bobby Bottoms                 2801       -300

3              21           Michael Batten                  2736         -365

4              91           Travis Hair                         2617      -484

5              79           Roger Lucas                      2603      -498


ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning

1              49           Brad Hamm        2773

2              7              Mark Boykin       2735       -38

3              L3            Skeeter Liles      2689       -84

4              P50         Lane Proctor      2534       -239

5              69           Chris Radford     2411       -362


Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4

1              90           John Proctor                    3428

2              8              Austin Holcombe             3222       -206

3              27           James Bailey                    3053      -375

4              61           Eric Hill                                2914       -514

5              97           Bill Winstead                    2750       -678


PL Woodard Pure Stock V8

1              44           Jerry Williams    3648

2              48/1       Kevin Beard        3470       -178

2              99H        Gary Whitley      3470       -178

4              42           Wade Ferrell      3234       -414

5              50           Carly Fulghum   3104       -544


PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4

1              12           Cody Keith                  3297

2              81           Brent Atkinson         3252    -45

3              51           Thomas Holbrook      3091   -206

4              J5            JP Brantley                  3090    -207

5              71           Robbie Causby         2918   -379

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