Dustin Mitchell Puts His ‘Pinked Out’ D8 in Victory Lane

Last year, mother nature prevented us from putting on our Race for the Cure benefiting Susan G. Komen, but this beautiful day would see not only great racing, but a 1 lap walk around the track & balloon release in honor of survivors & in memory of those that we loved who lost their lives to this horrible disease. On tap for tonight the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4’s, PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4’s, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 & the Barnes Equipment Late Models.

Our first feature event, the Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4 lined up with Hunter Bailey & William Carroll on the front row. Lap 1 would see Carroll jump out front quickly bringing John Proctor with him. Hunter Bailey, back in 3rd spot would try to hold off Bill Winstead while Dustin O’Neal and Jason Horne battled for 5th. These guys were 3 wide at one point jockeying for position, with Austin Holcombe getting up in the mix. Horne would get on the brakes hard in turn 4 on lap 6 causing Holcombe to get into him. Both were sent to the rear and we were back green after allowing Holcombe 2 laps for a flat tire. William Carroll, John Proctor, Hunter Bailey, Bill Winstead & Dustin O’Neal rounded out the top 5 as we came to lap 7. Through the field, Eric Hill, Jamie Bailey, Jimmy O’Neal, Zack Bunn and Glenn Baker completed the top 10. Hunter Bailey would get loose on the backstretch allowing 3 cars to get around him dropping him back to 7th. Glenn Bottoms and Austin Holcombe would bring out the caution on lap 9 as they got together on the backstretch. Back green with Carroll leading Proctor, Winstead, Dustin O’Neal and Eric Hill. Lap 12 would see Jamie Bailey challenge Eric Hill for 5th spot, then go after 4th from Dustin O’Neal. John Proctor started challenging Carroll for the lead when Eric Hill would spin in turn 2 bringing out the caution with 4 to go. Back green, Carroll holding off John Proctor, Bill Winstead, Jamie Bailey & Dustin O’Neal. Proctor was on the bumper of Carrol pulling up beside him at one point but couldn’t complete the pass. White flag, Carroll holding off Proctor although they were side by side at the line, and remained that way through one and two. A lot of hard racing down the backstretch between Carroll and Proctor, and as the checkered flag fell, John Proctor would bring home the win followed by Jamie Bailey, Bill Winstead, Dustin O’Neal and Austin Holcombe.

Up next, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Wade Ferrell on the pole with Gary Whitley on the outside. Whitely would jump out in front of Ferrell at the line taking the lead in commanding fashion. Ferrell would be followed by Amanda Liles, Jerry Williams and Roy Hall. Hard racing all through the field, as each driver seemed to be racing as though their lives depended on it. As the laps wound down, the top 5 would remain the same. Gary Whitley would bring home the win followed by Wade Ferrell, Amanda Liles, Jerry Williams and Roy Hall.

The PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4 division lined up on the backstretch with Thomas Holbrooke & Cody Keith on the front row. Keith would take the point as Holbrooke got loose at the start. David Haggins would take advantage and get around Holbrooke to take over 2nd spot as Robby Causby challenged for 3rd spot followed by Brent Atkinson. Turn 4 would see a mess as one car got loose causing several cars to get together collecting Damien Bryant and JP Brantley. Bryant was able to continue, although Brantley would have to pit. Back green with Keith leading Atkinson, Robby Causby, Joey Morgan and Cooper Edwards. Damien Bryant, who was involved in a lap 1 spin in turn 4, would take over 2nd spot and challenge Keith for the lead. Cody Keith took the checkered flag followed by Bryant, Brent Atkinson, Joey Morgan and Thomas Holbrooke.

ARCO Restoration, the proud sponsor of our Thunder & Lightning division, watched as Johnnie Edmondson and Skeeter Liles lead this 18 car field to the green flag. Lap 1 would see a huge pile up over in turn 2 with at least 7 cars involved. Since no laps were complete, we would see a complete reset of the starting line up. Unfortunately, Matthew Bissette would be towed to the pits, although he would return several laps later. Green flag with Skeeter Liles and Buddy Isles, Jr. on the front row. Buddy Isles, Jr would take the lead out of turn 2 followed by Skeeter Liles, Chris Radford, David Meredith and Mark Boykin. Scott Baines would bring out the caution on lap 7 with a solo spin over in turn 3. Back green with Isles, Jr. leading Liles, Radford, Meredith and Boykin. Lap 10 would see Boykin get around Meredith to take over 4th spot as Brad Hamm stayed close on the bumper of Meredith hoping to get into the top 5. Meredith would get high in turn 4 allowing Hamm to take the 4th spot away from him. Mark Boykin tried to get around the 3rd place of Radford as a 4 car pile up in turn 1 slowed the field. Mark McDaniels, Scott Baines, Doug Williams and Matthew Bissette would all suffer damage. Back green with 5 to go as Isles, Jr. lead Liles, Radford, Boykin and Hamm. Boykin got up beside Radford trying to take over 3rd spot, as Radford held him off as they crossed the start finish line. Boykin would try again as they came to 2 to go but unfortunately, the caution would come out again for CJ Cascell. As they checkers flew, we would see our 10th different winner in this division as Buddy Isles, Jr. would bring home the win. Skeeter Liles, Mark Boykin, Brad Hamm & Lane Proctor.

The very exciting Barnes Equipment Late Models would see Christian Joyner & Dustin Mitchell on the front row of this 30 lap feature event. Mitchell would take command of this race quickly followed by Christian Joyner, Michael Batten, Ray Tucker and John Staton. Two cautions early would slow this field, as Mitchell continued to dominate this race. Christian Joyner held on to 2nd spot followed by Michael Batten, Ray Tucker and John Staton. Randy Lucas would get into the turn 3 wall hard bringing out the caution on lap 18, and as track staff quickly pulled him off the track, we were ready to go back green. With 10 to go, Mitchell continued to lead Christian Joyner, Michael Batten, Ray Tucker and John Staton. Bringing home his 6th win of the season, Dustin Mitchell would put his pink Rocket in victory lane. He was followed by Christian Joyner, Michael Batten, Ray Tucker and John Staton.

If you’re in the area on Friday, tune in to 98.5 the Big DAWG as Jeff Hall gives the run down on this week’s event as well as previews next Saturday’s races.

Be sure to join us next week as we have the PL Woodard & Company Pure Stock V-8 Special. The PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division will race for $1000! Also on the schedule, the Barnes Equipment Late Model, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock Four Cylinder, & the PlayTyme Concession Pure Stock Four Cylinder.

Thanks for your support & we’ll see you next week at the Line!


Top 5 points:

Middlesex Family Dental Super Stock 4

1              90           John Proctor              3970

2              8              Austin Holcombe     3764    -206

3              27           James Bailey            3623     -347

4              97           Bill Winstead             3323      -647

5              61           Eric Hill                     3198       -772


ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning

1              49           Brad Hamm        3354

2              7              Mark Boykin       3264       -90

3              L3            Skeeter Liles      3205       -149

4              P50         Lane Proctor      2902       -452

5              44           Scott Baines       2869       -485


PL Woodard Pure Stock V8

1              44           Jerry Williams    4208

2              99H        Gary Whitley      4052       -156

3              1/48       Kevin Beard        3850       -358

4              42           Wade Ferrell      3800       -408

5              50           Carly Fulghum   3526       -682


PlayTyme Concessions Pure Stock 4

1              12           Cody Keith                           3917

2              81           Brent Atkinson               3789         -128

3              51           Thomas Holbrook            3588       -329

4              J5            JP Brantley                        3542         -375

5              71           Robbie Causby               3397         -520


Barnes Equipment Late Models

1              C9           Christian Joyner                3501

2              47           Bobby Bottoms                 3141       -360

3              21           Michael Batten                               3109         -392

4              91           Travis Hair                         2936         -565

5              79           Roger Lucas                     2935          -566

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