Cook Brings Home Modified Win

After horrendous storms the night before, the sun dawned bright & hot over County Line Raceway. Coming off a rainout last weekend, all drivers, fans & the staff were ready for some good, old fashioned Saturday night dirt track racing. With the schedule full with 5 divisions including Super Stock 4’s, Pure Stock 4’s, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8’s, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning & the return of the Open Wheel Modifieds, everyone was ready to get the first of 95 laps started.

The Super Stock 4 division rolled out for their feature with Bill Winstead & John Proctor on the front row. Bill would take command of this race followed closely by John Proctor, Jason Horne, Damien Bryant & Brian Medlin. Jesse Duke would bring out the first caution when he went around on the backstretch on lap 5. Back green with Winstead leading Proctor, Horne, Bryant & Medlin. Lap 8 would see our second caution in this 20 lap event when Brandon Edmundson experienced issues on the backstretch. Steam was flowing from the 54 as track officials hooked to him to tow him to the pits. Back green, Winstead leading a close following Proctor, Horne, Bryant & Medlin. Brian Medlin would challenge Bryant for the 4th spot, and take it while Austin Holcombe started the dance of trying to get around Bryant. John Carroll would bring out the caution on lap 11 when he spun over in turn 4. Back green with Winstead, Proctor, Horne, Medlin & Bryant out front. Caution would come out again for 3 cars getting together over in turn 4. The 2 of Lee Hicks, 51 of Ron Hill & 61H of Eric Hill would get together ending with the 2 of Hicks on top of Ron Hill. After attention by a track officials, we were back green with 8 laps to go. Winstead put just a little bit of space between him and Proctor followed by Horne, Medlin & Bryant. Lap 16 would see James Bailey trying to get around the 8 of Austin Holcombe when Holcombe made slight contact sending Bailey around. Both would go to the rear as we restarted this race with 4 to go. Back green with Winstead leading Proctor, Horne, Bryant and Glenn Bottoms. Eric Hill would bring out the caution on lap 17 when he got into the wall on the backstretch. Green flag, Bill Winstead leads John Proctor, Jason Horne, Damien Bryant & Glenn Bottoms. Caution again for a couple of cars on the backstretch as Austin Holcombe & Ron Hill got around. This would set up a green white checker. Bill Winstead was ready for his first win of the season as John Proctor was going for his 3rd. Who would get it? In 3 laps, it would be decided. Green flag with Winstead leading Proctor, Horne, Bryant and Glenn Bottoms. The checkers would fall over the 97 of Bill Winstead followed by John Proctor, Jason Horne, Damien Bryant & Glenn Bottoms.

Next up, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division. Wade Ferrell & Paul Peele would lead this field of cars to the green flag. Ferrell would lead Peele, Gary Whitley, Roy Hall & Mike Wall around the track to complete 2 laps before the caution would come out for Mike Wilkins. Back green with Ferrell leading Gary Whitley, Roy Hall & Mike Wall. Whitley would challenge Peele for the 2nd spot, taking it out of turn 4, followed by Mike Wall in 4th and Dennis Kearney in 5th. Caution again lap 6 for Roy Hall as he slowed on the front stretch. Taking the green flag, Ferrell lead Whitley, Peele, Wall & Kearney. Dennis Kearney would bring out the caution as he got around on the backstretch, slowing this field right at the half way mark. Back green with Ferrell leading a very hard charging Whitley, Peele, Wall & Johnnie Killebrew. Anthony Silveri would get around Killebrew to take over the 5th spot as Dennis Kearney tried to get around Killebrew for 6th. The caution would come out again for Mike Wilkins who had a right rear flat. Back green with Ferrell continuing to lead Whitley, who was trying his best to get around Ferrell on the inside, Paul Peele, Mike Wall & Anthony Silveri. White flag, Ferrell & Whitley battling it out but it would be Wade Ferrell, Gary Whitley, Paul Peele, Mike Wall & Anthony Silveri.

The Open Wheel Modifieds lined up for their feature event with Taylor Cooke & Greg Brown on the front row. Taylor Cooke jumped out to a huge 10 car length lead over Brown, followed by Gary Long, Jason Schlaffer & Brian Anderson. The caution would come out on lap 2 for Kyle Shanel and again on lap 8 for Jason Schlaffer. Back green with Cooke leading Brown, Long, Ryan Toole & Brian Anderson. Ryan Toole would get around Gary Long for 3rd and as Taylor Cooke continued to dominate this feature he caught slower traffic putting a lap on several cars. The checkers fell over Taylor Cooke for the first points race of the season for the Open Wheel Modifieds. He was followed by Greg Brown, Ryan Toole, Brian Anderson & Gary Long.

Next out, the Pure Stock 4 Cylinders with Gary Dillon & Cooper Edwards on the front row. Green flag and Gary Dillon leads the first lap followed by Cooper Edwards, Jeremy Benson, Robby Causby & Cody Keith. Lap 2 would see the first caution as 2 cars got together in turn 4. Cody Wilson & David Haggins would get together slowing the field. Back green with Dillon leading Edwards, Benson, Causby & Keith. Brent Atkinson tried o make a move on Keith on the backstretch but couldn’t get around him. Jeremy Benson takes over 2nd sending Edwards to 3rd as they crossed the line for lap 4. By lap 5, Gary Dillon was catching slower traffic and lapped traffic. Lap 10 would see the caution as a car got up into the top side of the wall in turn 4. Jamie Sills would be able to continue. Back green with Gary Dillon leading Jeremy Benson, Robby Causby, Cooper Edwards & Cody Keith. RED FLAG on lap 11 when a few cars made contact sending 1 car up in the air that clipped the flag stand. Robby Causby got airborne with the tail of his car clipping the stairs leading up to the flag stand. Luckily, Robby was ok and able to exit his car, and the flag man, Wesley Cogdell, although shaken up was ok as well. After a short red flag, we were back green flag racing with Gary Dillon leading Jeremy Benson, Cody Keith, Brent Atkinson and Chris Collins. Caution again for a slow car in turn 3 on lap 12. After clearing the track, we were back green with another green white checker finish. Gary Dillon continued leading Jeremy Benson, Cody Keith, Brent Atkinson and Chris Collins. Gary Dillon would bring home the win followed by Jeremy Benson, Cody Keith, Brent Atkinson & Chris Collins.

Our final feature of the night, the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division Chris Radford and Scott Baines would lead this field to green for 20 door slamming laps of racing action. Chris Radford would jump out front quickly taking the lead followed by Mark Boykin, Luke Owens, Lane Proctor and Skeeter Liles. Caution early for Matthew Bissette who got around in turn 4, possibly with a little help. Back green with Radford leading Boykin, Owens, Proctor & Liles. Proctor would challenge Owens for 3rd spot taking it and bringing Liles and Nelms, Jr with him. Owens fell back to 6th as Radford stretched his lead over Boykin by about 5 car lengths. Cy Nelms, Jr. would try to get around Liles for 3rd spot but couldn’t complete the pass as we crossed to complete lap 11. Caution turn 4 for CJ Cascell, as he spun around in 3 & 4. Back green with Radford leading Boykin, Proctor, Liles & Nelms, Jr. Liles would get around Proctor for 3rd spot, bringing Cy Nelms, Jr with him to take over 4th. Nelms, Jr & Liles were battling hard, beating and banging for position with Nelms, Jr getting alongside of him on several occasions. Finally Nelms, Jr completes the pass to take over the 3rd spot. Caution again lap 17 for CJ Cascell again over in turn 4. Green flag, Radford, Boykin, Nelms, Jr., Liles & Proctor. Chris Radford would lead the remaining 3 laps bringing home his first win of 2014. He was followed by Mark Boykin, Cy Nelms, Jr., Skeeter Liles & Lane Proctor.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

A reminder, we are closed next weekend but highly encourage you to support another local track for some Saturday night racing action. We will be back Mother’s Day Weekend May 10th when we showcase the Late Models, ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning, Super Stock Four Cylinder, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 & the Pure Stock Four Cylinder. As always, if you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949 or check out our website at, our Facebook page, our forum at or our official twitter, @countylinenc. Thanks so much for your support!

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