Proctor Takes Home Big Money With Super Stock Four Cylinder Victory

Perfect weather greeted drivers, crews, staff and spectators at County Line Raceway for the Super Stock 4 Special. With 18 cars signed in for the $650 to win purse, this race would be a highlight of the features on tap for tonight.
John Proctor and Hunter Bailey would lead the field to green for 20 door banging laps. After a 4 wide salute to the fans, the green flag fell John Proctor would take the point followed by Hunter Bailey, Jason Horne, Austin Holcombe & Bill Winstead. Glenn Bottoms would bring out the caution on lap 1 when he spun over on the backstretch off of turn 2. Back green with no change in the top 5. Bill Winstead was holding off a hard charge by James Bailey in 6th as Austin Holcombe inched closer and closer to the bumper of Jason Horne. Out front, Proctor was pulling away as James Bailey got into Bill Winstead getting him out of shape before taking over the 5th position. Lap 7 would see the yellow flew for the slow car of Brian Medlin on lap. Back green with Proctor out front. Jason Horne kept getting up alongside of 2nd place Hunter Bailey as we approached the half way mark, but couldn’t complete the pass. Lap 11 would see the caution again for the 03 of Damien Bryant as he spun off of turn 2. Back green, Proctor leading Hunter Bailey, Jason Horne, Austin Holcombe & James Bailey. Jason Horne challenged Hunter Bailey for the 2nd spot and after a lap of door to door racing took the spot. James Bailey got around Austin Holcombe, then Hunter Bailey in 1 lap to move up into the 3rd spot. Austin Larrison brought out the next caution as he started blowing smoke before slowing at the turn 3 opening. Back green with 3 to go. James Bailey took over 2nd spot just as the white flag came out. John Proctor would bring home his 5th win of the season followed by James Bailey, Jason Horne, Bill Winstead & Austin Holcombe.
Our 2nd feature of the night, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division lined up on the backstretch with Archie Whitley and Wade Ferrell on the front row. Wade Ferrell would jump out front quickly followed by Gary Whitley, Archie Whitley, Amanda Liles & Mike Wall. Lap 4 would see Gary Whitley challenging Wade Ferrell out of turn 4 for the lead. Side by side these 2 would race for half a lap with Whitley giving Ferrell everything he had, but Ferrell was having none of it. Whitley fell back behind Ferrell briefly only to pull alongside again! Whitley would lose a little ground to Ferrell as we approached lap 10. With 5 to go, Ashley Hall would go around on the backstretch right in front of the leaders bringing out the caution. Back green Ferrell holding off Gary Whitley, followed by Archie Whitley, Mike Wall & Paul Peele. With 3 to go, Gary Whitley was trying hard to get inside of Wade Ferrell down the backstretch, all the way into turn 4. With 13 complete, the caution would come out for a slow car on the backstretch. Back green quickly, Ferrell leading Gary Whitley, Archie Whitley, Mike Wall & Paul Peele. Wade Ferrell would bring home his 2nd win of the season. He was followed by Gary Whitley, Archie Whitley, Mike Wall & Paul Peele.
The always exciting ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division lined up outside turn 4 with Skeeter Liles & Scott Baines on the front row. Liles would jump out in front of the field, followed by Lane Proctor, Scott Baines, Cy Nelms, Jr. and Matthew Bissette. Going into turn 2 on lap 3, Scott Baines would lose his 44 ride in front of Mark Boykin, Matthew Bissette & Spud Liles. CJ Cascell would make contact as well, and as track officials attended to the cars, Matthew Bissette would pit, along with Mark Boykin. Spud Liles would be towed to the pits, Cascell would continue, Boykin would return to the track along with Bissette. Back green with 2 complete, 18 to go, Skeeter Liles out front followed by Cy Nelms, Jr., Lane Proctor, Mark McDaniels & Johnny Edmondson. Lap 3 would see another caution for newcomer Cody Cowan who appeared to overheat over in turn 3. Green flag, Skeeter Liles out front followed by Cy Nelms, Jr., Lane Proctor, Mark McDaniels & Johnny Edmondson. On the restart, the 5th place car of Edmondson lost a rear tire, spun and collected Mark Boykin, CJ Cascell & Matthew Bissette, Scott Baines suffered some damage also. Cascell, Baines & Bissette were able to continue, as Boykin was towed to the pits. Back green with Liles leading Nelms, Jr., Lane Proctor, Mark McDaniels & Matthew Bissette. Bissette got around McDaniels for the 4th spot, and half a lap later, Baines got around McDaniels to move back up into the top 5. Lap 14 would see the caution for CJ Cascell as he spun over in turn 4. Back green with Skeeter Liles leading Cy Nelms, Jr., Lane Proctor, Matthew Bissette & Scott Baines. Skeeter Liles would bring home his 3rd win of the season. He was followed by Cy Nelms, Jr., Lane Proctor, Matthew Bissette & Scott Baines.
Our 4th feature of the night, the Pure Stock 4 division with Jeremy Benson & Bobby Crawford on the front row. After 2 attempts at a green flag start, we lined these guys up single file to get a green flag on this 15 lap race. Lap 2 would see yet another caution. Jeremy Benson leads Cody Wilson, Robby Causby, Jamie Sills & Bobby Crawford. Lee Hardie would get around Crawford to take over 5th spot, while Robby Causby got around Cody Wilson for 3rd. Gary Dillon, who started last due to winning 4 in a row, got around 3rd place Wilson as JP Brantley moved into the top 5. Gary Dillon is your new leader as he got around Benson to take the point. Benson was doing his best to hold off Causby, as JP Brantley and Lee Hardie rounded out the top 5. Caution out for a car overheating in turn 1 on lap 12. Back green with Gary Dillon leading Jeremy Benson, Robby Causby, JP Brantley and Lee Hardie. Bringing home his 5th win in a row, Gary Dillon will take the checkers. He was followed by Jeremy Benson, Robby Causby, JP Brantley and Lee Hardie.
Our final event of the night, the Late Models, lined up with Christian Joyner on the pole and Russell Erwin on the outside. On the start, Russell Erwin would jump out front followed by Christian Joyner, Spencer Liggon, Michael Batten & Roger Lucas. By lap 12, Erwin was lapping traffic and coming up on the 7th place driver, Bobby Bottoms at the half way mark. JP Cascell, in 6th, also went a lap down, leaving only 5 cars on the lead lap with 5 laps to go. It was all Russell Erwin as he lead every lap of this 30 lap feature. Russell Erwin would bring home the win followed by Christian Joyner, Spencer Liggon, Roger Lucas & Michael Batten.
Be sure to join us next weekend for the return of the Open Wheel Modifieds. Also on the schedule, the Late Models, Super Stock Four Cylinders, PL Woodard Pure Stock V-8 & the Pure Stock Four Cylinders. If you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949, check our website at,, our twitter or our Facebook.

Thanks for all of your support & we will see you next week at the Line.

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