Toole Takes First Open Wheel Modified Victory

An exceptionally beautiful day welcomed drivers, crews, fans & staff to County Line Raceway today as we welcomed back Open Wheel Modifieds back. Along with the Super Stock 4 cylinders, Pure Stock 4 cylinders, Pure Stock V8’s and the Late Models, everyone was looking forward to an action packed night.
Our first feature event, the Super Stock 4 cylinders, lined up on the backstretch with Jason Horne & Hunter Bailey on the front row. Good clean racing for the first 6 laps that would see John Proctor come from 12th starting spot to 6th. The caution would come out for Austin Holcombe, who was running 5th at the time, as he suffered a mechanical failure and took the hard right turn off the backstretch to head to the pits. Back green with Jason Horne leading James Manning, Hunter Bailey, James Bailey & John Proctor. Points leader John Proctor was all over the bumper of James Bailey for 4th spot finally edging up beside Bailey in turn 4 at the halfway mark. Proctor then began working on Manning for the 3rd spot as Bill Winstead kept peaking around the bumper of Bailey for 5th. Proctor was side by side with Manning in turn 4, fully taking the spot away as they crossed the stripe. Up front, Hunter Bailey maneuvered his way around Horne to take the lead with 5 to go. Hunter Bailey would bring home his first win at County Line Raceway for the 2014 season, followed by Jason Horne, John Proctor, James Manning & James Bailey.
Up next, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Willie Schwann & Gary Whitley on the front row. Gary Whitley quickly takes the point followed by Willie Schwann, Phillip Lamm, Wade Ferrell & Kyle Howard. Phillip Lamm worked his way around Willie Schwann to take over 2nd spot right before the caution came out for Amanda Liles on lap 4. Back green with Gary Whitley leading Phillip Lamm, Wade Ferrell, Willie Schwann & Kyle Howard. Lap 9 would see the caution come out for 5th place Kyle Howard when he looped around in turn 4. Green flag with 6 to go. Gary Whitley leads Phillip Lamm, Wade Ferrell, Willie Schwann & Paul Peele. Debris would be the cause of the 3rd caution of the night on lap 13, bringing us to a green-white-checker finish. Phillip Lamm would make a move on Gary Whitley but couldn’t make it stick, the two got together, Lamm went head first into the wall & Whitley spun out in turn 4. Both drivers were ok, luckily. Wade Ferrell would go on to take the win followed by Willie Schwann, Paul Peele, Mike Wall & Anthony Silveri.
Our third feature of the night, the Pure Stock 4 division lined up with JP Brantley & Chris Collins on the front row. The man to watch, Gary Dillon who’s won 5 in a row, started last. Green flag, with a dead heat going into turn 1, but it would be Chris Collins taking the lead out of turn 2. At the back of the pack a couple of cars would get together bringing out the caution, and as soon as we were back green, another caution would come out for a solo spin in turn 4. Green flag with Chris Collins leading Cooper Edwards, JP Brantley, Lee Hardie & Robby Causby. Gary Dillon, involved in the first lap caution, would move up to the 6th spot with 5 to go. Robby Causby would get around Lee Hardie to take over 4th, while Dillon moved around him to take over 5th spot. Up front, Cooper Edwards got up beside Chris Collins, attempting to take the lead, and did coming out of turn 4. White flag, Cooper Edwards leads a very close JP Brantley & Chris Collins, when the J5 of Brantley would get into the leader Edwards spinning him out, along with himself bringing out the caution yet again. Chris Collins would lead Robby Causby, Gary Dillon, Jeremy Benson & Cody Wilson to the green/white flag. Dillon took over 2nd and then the lead all in half a lap. Gary Dillon would bring home his 6th win in a row! He was followed by Chris Collins, Robby Causby, Jeremy Benson & Cody Wilson.
Next up, the Open Wheel Modifieds would line up with Mike Reynolds, who broke Nick Hoffman’s track record earlier during qualifying would be your pole sitter. Ryan Toole, who is having an impressive season with a lot of top 5 finishes, would start on the outside. Mike Reynolds would lead the first 4 laps, but Ryan Toole would make the move to take the lead on lap 5 and start pulling away from the field. Mike Reynolds followed behind in 2nd, Greg Brown in 3rd, Lance Grady in 4th & Brian Anderson would round out the top 5. Gary Long would get around Anderson to take over the 5th spot, as Ryan Toole maintained almost a half a lap lead by lap 10 over the 2nd place of Reynolds. Greg Brown would get around Reynolds for 2nd as they took the cross flags signaling half way. No change in the top 5 as the laps wound down, Ryan Toole was setting an outstanding pace. Ryan Toole would bring home his first win of the season followed by Greg Brown, Mike Reynolds, Lance Grady & Gary Long.
Our final feature of the night, the Late Models, would see Michael Batten on the front row. Michael broke his own track record earlier with a 14.129! Beaverdam, Virginia’s Russell Erwin would start 2nd. Russell Erwin would jump out in front of the 21 of Michael Batten going into turn 1. Batten was followed by Travis Hair, Christian Joyner & Bobby Bottoms. Lap 6 would see the leader Erwin catching lap traffic. Spencer Liggon was peaking underneath Bobby Bottoms trying to take the 5th spot away. Halfway, Erwin continuing to lead Batten, Hair, Joyner & Bottoms. Spencer Liggon and Bobby Bottoms were putting on a great show for 5th, racing door to door as Erwin approached them. Side by side in front of the leader with 5 to go, Erwin patiently waited until he could get around Liggon. Russell Erwin would bring home the win followed by Michael Batten, Travis Hair, Christian Joyner & Bobby Bottoms.

Please be sure to join us next Saturday night as we have our annual Kids Night! Kids will be able to ride on racecars prior to the feature events. On the schedule, the Super Stock 4’s, Pure Stock 4’s, Pure Stock V8’s, Thunder & Lightning & the Late Models. If you have any questions, please contact the track at 252-985-1949, or check the track’s website at,, our Facebook page or our twitter. Thanks so much for all your support and we’ll see you next week at the Line!

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