Dillon Continues Pure Stock Four Cylinder Dominance

An absolutely beautiful day greeted driver, crews, fans & staff as everyone was ready for some good ol’ Saturday night dirt racing action. Tonight, we welcomed the Bell & Bell Vintage race cars for the first time. Also on the schedule, the Super Stock 4’s, PL Woodard Pure Stock V8’s, Pure Stock 4’s & the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning.

Up first, our very popular Super Stock 4 division, with John Proctor & John Carroll on the front row. Caution 1 would come out for John Carroll over in turn 4 when he spun on lap 1. Back green with John Proctor leading Brian Medlin, Hunter Bailey, Austin Holcombe & James Bailey. Hunter Bailey would take over 2nd spot from Medlin and start challenging Proctor for the lead. Caution 1 would come out for the J2 of James Bailey & John Carroll when they spun over coming off of turn 4. Back green with Proctor leading Hunter Bailey, Brian Medlin, Austin Holcombe & James Bailey. Hunter Bailey would work his way around Proctor to take the lead on lap 5 as Austin Holcombe would get around Medlin to take over 3rd. Lap 14 would see the caution for Glenn Bottoms over on the backstretch. Tightening the field up, we were back green with Hunter Bailey leading John Proctor, Austin Holcombe, Brian Medlin & James Bailey. Hunter Bailey would lead the remaining laps bringing home his 3rd win in a row. He was followed by John Proctor, Austin Holcombe, Brian Medlin & James Bailey.

Next up the introduction of the Bell & Bell Vintage Modified Series who would be making their first appearance at the 3/8ths mile clay oval.  Eight cars would be lined up in the infield ready for their shot to tame the bullring.  At the drop of the green flag it would be pole sitter Cameron Norris, III taking the top spot.  Three cautions would wave early for single car spins.  After a lap four restart, things would begin to heat up as the drivers got comfortable on the track.  Some paint would be traded on the backstraightaway on the final lap putting car 300 driven by Bobby Williamson hard into the backstretch wall,  with the car showing flames, the red flag would be displayed and the field would be frozen.  At the time of the red flag, Cameron Norris, III was leading and would be declared the winner.  Joey Babson would come home second, Jeremy Cumbee third, William Harrell fourth, and Jack Dysart rounding out the top five.
Up next, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Roy Hall & Wade Ferrell on the front row. Wade Ferrell & Gary Whitley would make lap 1 very interesting as they battled for the top spot with Roy Hall. Ferrell would take the point followed by Whitely, Hall, Paul Peele & Anthony Silveri. Beating and banging, Whitley would try to get around Ferrell for the top spot but was unsuccessful and would suffer a flat tire on lap 4. Back green and Whitley was charging to get back up front at the drop of the flag. Charging up to 4th spot, Whitley was all over Paul Peele for the 3rd spot but could not get around him. Wade Ferrell would bring home the win followed by Roy Hall, Paul Peele, Gary Whitely & Anthony Silveri.

Our next feature, the Pure Stock 4’s, lined up on the backstretch with Cooper Edwards & Jeremy Benson leading the field to the green. The man everyone was watching though started at the tail of the field in 11th spot, Gary Dillon. Dillon, who’s won the past 7 races in a row, was already up to 6th spot on lap 3, passing cars on the high side & the low side all around the track. Up front, it was Cooper Edwards leading Jeremy Benson, Cody Keith, Robby Causby & Gary Dillon. Causby would lose 4th spot to Dillon as JP Brantley inched up to Causby’s bumper trying for 5th. Dillon would peak inside 3rd place Cody Keith, taking the position as the exited turn 1. Caution for moisture on the track which would bunch the field back up. Back green with Edwards leading Benson, Dillon, Causby & JP Brantley. Benson would get alongside of Edwards, nudging to take the lead, Dillon behind them waiting to make his move. Edwards would suffer a flat tire slowing him down in front of the field giving Benson the lead. Caution out for Edwards, and under caution, Benson would pit as well moving Gary Dillon to the top of the board. Back green with Gary Dillon leading Robby Causby, Brent Atkinson, JP Brantley & Timmy Mills. Brantley would move around Atkinson for the 4th spot with 2 laps to go. Coming to the checkers, it would be Gary Dillon for the 8th time in a row, Robby Causby, JP Brantley, Brent Atkinson & Timmy Mills.

Lining up on the infield for their 2nd feature, the Bell & Bell Vintage Racecars were ready for their 2nd 15 lap feature. Earl Farmer would take command quickly, leading Jeremy Cumbee, Cameron Norris, III, Joey Babson and WC Bell. Lap 6 would see 3rd place Norris, III go around over in turn 2. Back green with Farmer leading  Cumbee, Cameron Norris, III, WC Bell & Willaim Horell. Cameron Norris would make a challenge and take over 2nd spot hoping to make it up to take the lead. Unfortunately the laps would run out and Earl Farmer would bring home the win. He was followed by Cameron Norris, III, Jeremy Cumbee, WC Bell & William Horrell.

Our final event of the night, the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division lined up for their 20 lap feature with Lane Proctor on the pole. Matthew Bissette would start on the outside. After a shuffle on the start, Proctor would go to the rear of the field due to getting involved in a spin over in turn 4 on lap 1. With no laps complete, we would see a complete restart putting Cy Nelms, Jr. on the front row. Green flag and Nelms take the point quickly followed by Matthew Bissette, Skeeter Liles, Scott Baines & Spud Liles. Lap 13 would see 5th place Liles go behind the wall moving Lane Proctor back into the top 5. Bissette was inches away from the leaders bumper as the laps wound down, trying to get around him to take the lead. With 3 to go Bissette was using all of the racetrack to make his way around Nelms, Jr. but couldn’t complete the pass. Cy Nelms, Jr. would bring home the win followed by Matthew Bissette, Skeeter Liles, Scott Baines & Lane Proctor.

Please join us next week as we host the I-95 Late Model Challenge #3! Friday night, these guys will race at Clary’s for $5000 to win, followed by the 3rd race in the Challenge here at County Line for $2500 to win. Also on the schedule, the Open Wheel Modifieds, Super Stock Four Cylinders, Pure Stock V-8s & Pure Stock Four Cylinders. As always, if you have any questions please call the track at 252-985-1949, check our website at www.countylineracwaync.com, www.localracechat.com, our twitter or Facebook. Thanks so much for your support & we’ll see you next week at the Line!

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