Erwin Takes Round 3 Of the I-95 Late Model Challenge

One could not have asked for better weather as everyone rolled into County Line Raceway for the I 95 Late Model Challenge. With $2500 on the line, it was anyone’s race to win tonight. Also on the schedule, the Super Stock 4 Cylinders, Pure Stock 4 Cylinders, Pure Stock V8’s & the Open Wheel Modifieds.

After a wonderful 4 wide salute to the fans by all the drivers of County Line Raceway, we were ready to go green for our first feature!

Our first event, the Super Stock 4 cylinders would line up with John Carroll & Damien Bryant on the front row. Coming out of turn 2, Austin Holcombe would take over the 2nd spot and make a pass on Damien Bryant for the lead, taking the top spot out of turn 3. James Bailey would take over 2nd spot followed by Damien Bryant, John Carroll & John Proctor. Proctor would slow over in turn 4 with a right rear flat, bringing out the caution, and as he was coming down the hot pit, Damien Bryant would also pit, as he also suffered a flat. Back green with Holcombe leading J. Bailey, Glenn Bottoms, John Carroll & Jesse Duke. Caution again for the 2 of Lee Hicks who got out of shape out of turn 4 and ended up on the berm at the hot pit. With 3 laps complete, we were back green with Holcombe leading J. Bailey, Bottoms, Carroll & Duke. John Proctor moved his way into the top 5 taking over the 5th spot from Duke and started challenging John Carroll for 4th spot. He would complete the pass in turn 3. Proctor would move around Glenn Bottoms on the high side to take over 3rd and set his sights on 2nd place James Bailey. Michael Hill would bring out the caution when he slowed in front of the field over in turn 3. Back green with 10 laps complete, Austin Holcombe leads James Bailey, John Proctor, Hunter Bailey & Glenn Bottoms. Austin Holcombe continued to pace the field while behind him it was a 3 car battle for 2nd spot. James Bailey had it, but Hunter Bailey & John Proctor wanted it. Proctor went high, but couldn’t complete the pass and slipped back to 4th behind Hunter Bailey. Austin Holcombe would bring home the win followed by James Bailey, Hunter Bailey, John Proctor & Glenn Bottoms.

Up next, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Wade Ferrell & Gary Whitley leading the field to green. Gary Whitley would take the point out of turn 2 followed by Wade Ferrell, Roy Hall, Anthony Silveri & Willie Schwann. Kyle Howard would bring out the first caution of the night with a spin over in turn 4 on lap 2. Back green with Whitley leading Ferrell, Hall, Silveri & Carly Fulghum. Working lap 6 and Wade Ferrell is trying to close in on Whitley for the lead. Roy Hall still held on to 3rd spot followed by Carly Fulghum & Anthony Silveri. As the laps wound down, it appeared that Gary Whitley would run away with until coming to the white flag, he suffered a mechanical failure that would slow him drastically in turn 4 allowing Wade Ferrell to get around him for the win. Roy Hall came home 2nd followed by Carly Fulghum, Willie Schwann & Anthony Silveri.

The return of the Open Wheel Modifieds would see Ryan Toole & Matt Quade on the front row. Ryan Toole would take the lead quickly out of turn 2 followed by Matt Quade, Eric Bentley, Brian Anderson & Greg Brown. Caution would come out for Lance Grady as he slowed on the backstretch, but we were quickly back green. Ryan Toole continued to lead Matt Quade, Eric Bentley, Brian Anderson & Greg Brown. Lap 10 would see the caution again for a couple of cars spinning over in turn 4. Back green with Ryan Toole leading Matt Quade, Eric Bentley, Brian Anderson & Greg Brown. Ryan Toole would go on to bring home his 2nd win in a row followed by Matt Quade, Eric Bentley, Brian Anderson & Greg Brown.

Our 4th feature of the night, the Pure Stock 4 cylinders would line up with Michael Webb & Jeremy Benson on the front row. Webb & Benson would race door to door down the backstretch battling for the lead with Webb coming out in front of Benson. Cooper Edwards, Robby Causby & JP Brantley would round out the top 5. Lap 6 would see the first caution when 5th place JP Brantley spun over in turn 4. Back green with Webb leading Benson, Edwards, Causby & Gary Dillon. Michael Webb would continue to pace the field, closing in on the tail of the field as Gary Dillon worked his up to 2nd spot. Michael Webb would take the white flag a straightaway ahead of Gary Dillon, and as Dillon went into turn 2, he would spin, losing his 2nd place position! Michael Webb would go on to bring home the win followed by Jeremy Benson, Cooper Edwards, David Haggins & Brent Atkinson.

Our final feature, Race #3 in the I95 Challenge, would line up outside of turn 4 with Russell Erwin & Dustin Mitchell on the front row. Russell Erwin would edge out in front of Dustin Mitchell just barely to take the lead. Door to door these 2 would run all the way through turn 3 going into 4, drag racing down the front stretch. As the field came through turn 2, one car would get completely sideways causing a 7 melee. From what race control could see, Daniel Tucker, JP Cascell, Lewis Denton, Dennis Feheley, Robbie Emory, John Eller & Christian Thomas would all suffer damage with a Tucker & Denton being towed to the pits. After clean up, we were back green with Russell Erwin leading Dustin Mitchell, Sean Harrell, Michael Batten & Damon Kotke. Michael Batten would get around Sean Harrell to take over 3rd spot right as Dykes Maynard slowed over in turn 4 to bring out the caution. Back green with Erwin leading Mitchell, Batten, Harrell & Kotke. Lap 17 would see the leader catching the tail of the field as he continued to set a furious pace in this 40 lap feature. Jay Sessoms would suffer an issue that would see him slow in turn 4 bringing out the caution on lap 28. Back green with Erwin continuing to lead Mitchell, Batten, Harrell & Kotke. Erwin would dominate this field, lapping cars with ease as we approached the final laps. With 2 to go, Travis Hair would bring out the caution over in turn 2 and after being towed to the pits, we were back green for the final 2 laps. Russell Erwin leads Dustin Mitchell, Michael Batten, Sean Harrell & Damon Kotke. Three races in the I 95 Late Model Challenge, 3 different winners! Russell Erwin brings home the $2500 paycheck tonight followed by Dustin Mitchell, Michael Batten, Sean Harrell & Damon Kotke.

Be sure to join us next week for a regular line up of racing including Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Super Stock Four Cylinder, Pure Stock V-8 & Pure Stock Four Cylinder. As always, if you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949, check our website,, our Facebook or our twitter.

As always, thank you for your continued support of County Line Raceway & we’ll see you next week at the Line.

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