ARCO Restoration Summer Slam Night of Racing

A beautiful sun greeted spectators, drivers, crews & staff today for the ARCO Restoration Summer Slam sponsored by ARCO Restoration. With 5 full classes of racing ready to go, everyone was excited to get cars on the track.

Our first event of the night, the Super Stock 4 Cylinders, lined up outside turn 4 with Hunter Bailey & Bill Winstead on the front row. Bill WInstead would take the point out of turn 2 with a powerful drive off the top of the track. Hunter Bailey fell into 2nd followed by Jason Horne, James Manning & Eric Hill. The yellow would come out on lap 2 for a spin over in turn 4 but we were quickly back green. Winstead leads H. Bailey, Horne, Manning & Hill. Back in 7th and 8th spot, Jamie Bailey & John Proctor would battle over that spot with Bailey holding it and Proctor wanting it. Up front, Bailey pulled alongside Winstead to challenge for the lead and slight contact was made resulting in a flat tire for Bailey. Back green with Winstead leading a very hard charging Horne, Hill, Manning & John Proctor. Side by side all the way out of turn 4 into turn 1 & 2, and down the backstretch as we came to the half-way mark. Austin Holcombe would have some contact from Jamie Bailey over in turn 4 on lap 13 which would result in Holcombe going down the hot pit. After getting Holcombe’s car towed to the pits, we were back green with Winstead leading Horne, but Winstead wouldn’t hold that lead for long as Horne made his way around to take the point. Horne would lead the final laps as this race as he took the checkers. Bill Winstead came home 2nd followed by John Proctor, Hunter Bailey who recovered from an earlier flat tire, and James Manning.

Next up, the PL Woodard Pure Stock V8 division with Wade Ferrell & Willie Schwann on the front row. Wade Ferrell would take the lead followed by ROy Hall, Gary WHitley, Phillip Lamm. Caution out early for 2 cars spinning over in turn 3, but we were back green with Ferrell leading the way. Ferrell held off a hard charge from Hall, but Hall slipped just a bit allowing Whitley to take over 2nd spot. Whitley tried to get around Ferrell, to no avail. Caution again for Mike Wall & Anthony Silveri, but again, we were back green. Ferrell held off Whitley to bring home his 8th win of the season. He was followed by Gary Whitely, Roy Hall, Phillip Lamm & Willie Schwann.

The always exciting Pure Stock 4 cylinder division with Gary Dillon and Cooper Edwards on the front row. Dillon jumped out to the lead followed by Edwards, Michael Webb, Joey Morgan & Robby Causby. Caution out lap 2 for a spin and almost pile up of several cars in turn 4. Luckily, only 1 car went around & several made evasive maneuvers to avoid the possible pile up. Back green with Dillon leading Webb, Causby, Edwards and Timmy Mills. Lap 7 would see another caution for some debris over in turn 2, and once track staff removed it, we were back green with Dillon leading Webb, Causby, Edwards & Mills. Lap 13 would see 5th place Mills exit the track giving the 5th spot to JP Brantley. Gary Dillon would bring home his 9th win of the year followed by Michael Webb, Robby Causby, Cooper Edwards & JP Brantley.

After a pace lap led by our primary sponsor, ARCO Restoration, Skeeter Liles would lead this 14 car field to the green flag. Skeeter Liles took the lead followed by Lane Proctor, Matthew Bissette, Mark Boykin & Scott Baines. Lap 2 would see a caution for a spin over in turn 4 and after clearing the track we were back green with Skeeter Liles leading. Lap 4 would see another caution over in turn 4 for a spin, and after a push by track staff we were back green with Liles leading Lane Proctor, Matthew Bissette, Mark Boykin & Scott Baines. Back green with Skeeter Liles leading Proctor, Bissette, Boykin & Spud Liles. By lap 15, the leader was lapping traffic. Lap 17 would see the caution out again for Jeff Stott who spun over in turn 3. Back green with 3 to go, Skeeter Liles still leading. Skeeter Liles would bring the win followed by Lane Proctor, Matthew Bissette, Mark Boykin & Spud Liles.

Our final event of the night, the Late Models, would line up with thundering motors over in turn 4 with Michael Batten on the pole. Batten qualified earlier with a 14.661. On his outside, the Kamikaze Kid, Dustin Mitchell. Mitchell would get the lead out of turn 2 on the high side followed by Michael Batten, Christian Joyner, Roger Lucas & Christian Thomas. Just as the leader crossed the stripe to complete lap 1, Carlton Toney would go around in turn 4 bringing out the caution. After he was situated, we were back green with Mitchell leading. Lap 10 would see the caution as Spencer Liggon hit the wall hard right out of turn 2. Back green with Mitchell leading Batten, Joyner, Lucas & Thomas. Dustin Mitchell would simply dominate this 30 lap feature, lapping cars with ease as the laps wound down. Bringing home his 3rd win of the season, Dustin Mitchell takes the checkers. He was followed by Michael Batten, Christian Joyner, Roger Lucas & Christian Thomas.

Just a reminder, County Line will be closed next Saturday, but will return to a regular schedule on July 26th for the PL Woodard & Company Pure Stock V-8 Special. We’ll also have the Late Models, Thunder & Lightning, Super Stock Four Cylinders & Pure Stock Four Cylinders. As always, if you have any questions, please call the track at 252-985-1949, check our website at,, our twitter or Facebook. Thanks for your continued support & we’ll see you July 26th at the Line.

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