Bissette Takes Win Number 2 for 2014

With impending weather in the area, everyone was anxious and the track staff took control as we went into hurry up mode. Fitting 5 divisions of racing in would be a challenge, but County Line Raceway staff would do their best to move the show along, and the drivers would put on a great show.

Our first feature of the night, the Super Stock 4 cylinders, would see Bill Winstead & Nevin Twiddy on the front row. (Hunter Bailey should have started on the pole, but due to some type of mechanical issue possibly, he came out to start at the rear of the field after the other cars had rolled from the grid.) Bill Winstead took the point quickly followed by Nevin Twiddy, John Proctor, Austin Holcombe and James Manning. Twiddy would lose a few spots allowing Proctor, Holcombe, Manning & James Bailey to move up. Hunter Bailey charged through the field up to 4th spot, relegating James Bailey to 5th. Lap 16 would see Hunter get loose in turn 3 while trying to keep off another car, sending him up the little hill in 4 through the grass and back down the other side. No caution as Hunter kept control and although that dropped him back to the rear, it was some awesome driving on his part. Up front, Bill Winstead continued to lead John Proctor, Austin Holcombe, James Bailey & James Manning. Bill Winstead would go on to bring home his second win of the year. He was followed by John Proctor, Austin Holcombe, James Bailey & James Manning.

Next out, the PL Woodard Pure Stock 4 with Wade Ferrell & Amanda Liles leading the field to green. Ferrell would jump out to the lead putting about 6 car lengths between him & Amanda Liles. Paul Peele would make his way around Liles, moving up to 2nd place, bringing Carly Fulghum with him to take over 3rd. Liles fell back to 4th with Kevin Beard rounding out the top 5. Caution lap 10 when two cars got around over in turn 1. Under this caution 3rd place Fulghum and 5th place Beard would head to the pits. Fulghum would be done for the night after dropping a lot of fluid on the track & Beard would come back out to finish the feature. Back green with Ferrell leading Peele, Liles, Anthony Silveri & Willie Schwann. Beard would get around Schwann and Silveri just as Liles slowed on the backstretch. Quick caution but right back green with Ferrell still out front. Wade Ferrell would bring home his 9th win of the year. He was followed by Paul Peele, Anthony Silveri, Kevin Beard & Willie Schwann.

Our third feature event, the Open Wheel Modifieds, lined up on the backstretch with Taylor Cook & Ryan Toole on the front row. Taylor broke the track record earlier tonight with 15.372! Green flag and Taylor Cook jumps out to about a car length lead over Ryan Toole. Matt Quade, Brett Hamilton & Gary Long rounded out the top 5. A couple of cautions would slow this 25 lap event, but nothing it seemed could slow Taylor Cook! He sailed around the track at a blistering pace, eventually bringing home his 2nd win of the year at County Line Raceway. He was followed by Ryan Toole, Matt Quade, Brett Hamilton & Gary Long.

Up next, the Pure Stock 4 cylinders, with Gary Dillon and Cody Keith on the front row. Gary Dillon would take the lead at the drop of the green followed by Cody Keith, Robby Causby, JP Brantley & Bobby Crawford. The caution would fly early as a car would go around over in turn 4. Back green with Dillon leading Keith, Causby, Brantley & Joey Morgan. Robby Causby worked his way around Cody Keith to take over 2nd place as Jeremy Benson took over 5th from Joey Morgan. Caution again on lap 5 for 2 cars out of shape on the backstretch. Back green with no change in the top 5. Lap 14 would see a pretty big wreck over in turn 4 with one car almost turning over. All were able to continue except Jeremy Benson. After a few minutes to get things cleaned up, we were back green with 3 to go. Gary Dillon would lead the remaining laps bringing home his 11th win of the year. He was followed by Robby Causby, JP Brantley, Cody Keith & Bobby Crawford.

Our final feature event of the night, the ARCO Restoration Thunder & Lightning division, lined up on the backstretch waiting for their cue to roll off. Kent Wright would lead this field to the green flag for 20 door banging laps. A stack up on the start with Skeeter Liles putting his car in a very tight spot to take over 2nd place from Matthew Bissette and everyone behind them stacked up. Lane Proctor would bring the yellow out when he suffered a left rear flat during the bunch up on the start. Back green and 3 wide down the front straightaway! Kent Wright would take the lead out of turn 1 followed by Skeeter Liles, Matthew Bissette, Mark Boykin and Chris Radford. Cy Nelms, Jr. was challenging for 5th when the leader spun solo in turn 4. Skeeter Liles would inherit the lead wile Cy Nelms, Jr. moved up to 5th. Challenge for the lead on the backstretch on lap 7 with Matthew Bissette getting up beside Liles. Beating and banging through 3 and 4, Bissette would come out of turn 4 with the lead. Cy Nelms, Jr. moved up to 3rd, Mark Boykin held onto 4th and Chris Radford rounded out the top 5. Caution again lap 11 for a spin in turn 4. Back green pretty quick, but back under caution for Britches Liles on the backstretch. Back green with Bissette leading Liles, Nelms, Jr., Boykin & Radford. Cy Nelms Jr. would challenge Liles for 2nd spot as Matthew Bissette rolled to his 2nd victory of the year. Skeeter Liles would come home 2nd followed by Cy Nelms, Jr., Mark Boykin & Chris Radford.

Please be sure to join us next week as we host the Steel Block Nationals – I-95 Late Model Challenge Night 2 Late Model race for $4,000 to Win! Also on the schedule, the Thunder & Lightning, Super Stock Four Cylinder, Pure Stock V-8 & Pure Stock Four Cylinder divisions. As always, if you have any questions, please contact the track at 252-985-1949 or visit our website at,, our Facebook or our Twitter. Thanks for your support & we’ll see you next week at the Line!

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