2014 Late Model Rules

Body rules, suspension and chassis will follow Fuel Series specs.
(602/604 Crates running for FASTRAK points must follow FASTRAK rules and specs)
Follow FUEL SERIES rules unless otherwise noted.
http://www.fastrakracing.com http://www.fuelracingseries.com

G.M. 602 SEALED CRATE ENGINE ————————– 2150 pounds with driver after the race
G.M. 604 SEALED CRATE ENGINE ————————– 2350 pounds with driver after the race
G.M. CT525 SEALED CRATE ENGINE ———————- 2400 pounds with driver after the race
BUILT ENGINE – MAXIMUM 365 C.I. ——————— 2400 pounds with driver after the race



1. May run aftermarket cast-iron block. No aluminum blocks allowed.
2. Any crankshaft and rod combination. Any flat top pistons. No dome top pistons.
3. Any cast-iron heads with factory valve to piston angle. (Example 23 degree heads on GM products) (20 degree heads on Ford products , except for Ford Racing – Sportsman #M-6049-N-351) No raised runner heads. May angle mill the heads , must be with-in three degrees of factory stock. May alter the valve pockets. Heads may be ported and polished. May run aluminum factory angle heads, no raised runner, but must bolt 50 pounds in front of the engine-plate.
4. Maximum three angle valve job. Maximum valve sizes : 2.08” intake and 1.625” exhaust.
5. Any intake.
6. Any flat tappet or roller cam, no mushroom lifters. Roller rocker arms permitted. Shaft rockers allowed. Rocker studs may be pinned or screw-in type with push rod guide plates and stud girdles. May use poly locks or stock nuts.
7. Wet sump or dry sump oil system may be used.
8. Any headers. Mufflers must be used.
9. Any bowl-type carburetor. Racing fuel only, no alcohol allowed.
10. Tire Rule: : Maximum 29.0 X 11.0 X 15.0

American Racer SD44, SD48, MD53, MD56
Hoosier 1300, 1350, 1450, 1600 , FT200 , FT400 , FT600
Right rear must be a SD48 , 1350 , FT400 or harder at all times.
*Note* 602/604 Crates running for Fastrak points must follow Fastrak tire rule.

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