Tube Chassis Outlaw Four Cylinder Rules



  1. Any stock appearing metal bodied or aftermarket fabricated bodied four cylinder car or truck –1965 through the current year.  The body must be made from magnetic steel or aluminum. MD3 type components are allowed.
  2. Must have the make of car, the required weight, and C.C. on the hood or front fenders.
  3. Boxed-in interiors permitted, but must have a removable inspection panel on the right side. The interior must be strong enough to support the weight of emergency personnel, if necessary.
  4. The minimum ground clearance will be 4” at any point of the body. Skirting is allowed.
  5. The rear quarter panels must not exceed 66” in width at any point as measured at the top of the panel. The maximum height from the ground to the top of the rear deck and quarter panel will be 38”. No point of the body may be wider than 74”.
  6. Only aluminum or lexan-type rear spoiler will be permitted. The maximum overall height of the rear spoiler will be 8”. The maximum width of the rear spoiler will be 62”. The spoiler must be attached solidly to the deck, no raised spoilers or wings. Maximum 3 braces or supports may be used.  No side boards. 
  7. The front firewall must have all openings covered in case of fire or fluid leak in the engine compartment. The rear firewall must be covered with sheet metal or aluminum to separate the driver’s compartment from the fuel cell area.  
  8. Rear wheel drive cars only.
  9. Windshield is optional, if removed, you must have five protective bars on the driver’s side. They must be between 4” and 5” intervals. They must be magnetic steel. No front side door windows allowed. You may fill in rear side openings, if applicable.


  1. All cars must weigh minimum 2000 pounds with the driver after the race. One pound per C.C. with driver after the race.  The engine can be maximum 2550 C.C.
  2. Any two barrel carburetor.
  3. Any steel wheel 8”- 10” wide X 13” maximum. Bead lock rims permitted. Safety beads required on all wheels. One inch lug nuts recommended. Any tires. Any compound.
  4. Racing fuel or pump gas only. No alcohol or additives.
  5. Cars will be inspected for tech and safety items prior to competition. Track official has the final approval.  Safety rules can be found in the 2013 General Rules section.
  6. All other provisions will be dealt with through weight penalties, at tracks discretion.



For any tech related questions, please call Four Cylinder National Tech Inspector, Garry Wilson at 919-614-1703.

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